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Top Gift Ideas For People With Migraine

As the holidays are fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about holiday shopping. It can be tough to find the right gift for a loved one especially if you don’t know what they want or need. But don’t fret, we’re here to help you celebrate, support and choose an amazing gift for someone you love with migraine.

We put in our best effort to help you choose a gift that’s sure to bring a smile to your friend or family member’s face. Retail stores have already started rolling out holiday savings discounts and we’ll share additional Migraine Strong exclusive discount promo codes where we can to help you finish your shopping for a little less expense this year.

We have assembled some perfect options to take the stress out of finding a thoughtful gift for your favorite person with migraine on your gift list (or perhaps yourself). We hope that this list of top gift ideas for people with migraine will make your shopping experience easier and your gift giving a success!

1. Allay Lamp

Let’s start with light sensitivity. Did you know light can be painful for those with migraine? The Allay Lamp is one of the coolest products we use to manage this troublesome migraine trigger making it a great gift for anyone with migraine.

The Allay Lamp was created through Harvard research and offers a very specific narrow band of green light that was found to be super soothing to the brain. Not only does it reduce overall migraine symptoms during attacks, it may help to reduce the frequency of attacks as well. You can learn more about the amazing science behind green light therapy in our articles on light sensitivity and green light therapy for vestibular migraine.

The Migraine Strong writers feel so strongly about how helpful this migraine relief gift is, that we not only use it ourselves, we have bought it for several friends and family. (To receive 10% off of the Allay Lamp use this link!!)

2. Migraine glasses

Light sensitivity can be a troubling symptom not only during, but between migraine attacks as well. It can actually be painful for those with migraine to spend time in stores or offices with fluorescent lights. Time spent in bright outdoor sunlight, in front of blue light on computers and devices and even driving through dappled light is tough for those with migraine too. That’s why we can’t be without our blue light blocking migraine glasses!

  1. Avulux – Independent studies have shown that by precisely filtering light, Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity lenses can help people living with migraine. These lenses filter blue, amber and red light while allowing soothing green light through. ($25 off with code migrainestrong!)
  2. Theraspecs – Therapeutic blue light glasses filter out the harmful light that triggers migraines, headaches, eyestrain, and other conditions such as post concussion.
  3. Terramed FL-41 Migraine Glasses – Light weight FL-41 ‘anti-migraine’ glasses specially designed to prevent and reduce the frequency of migraine attacks, relieve symptoms from light sensitivity and minimize eye strain and fatigue.
  4. Gunnar Premium Gaming and Computer Glasses – Premium gaming glasses protect against symptoms stemming from prolonged screen staring including migraine attacks, headaches, dry eyes, blurry vision and other negative effects of blue light exposure. Specifically blocks blue light at 450nm. Blocks 65% of blue light and 100% of UV light.
  5. Theraspecs Outdoor Migraine Glasses offer more sunlight protection than typical sunglasses making them a great option for those with migraine and vestibular disorders.

3. Migraine care package options

Migraine gift bundles make a thoughtful and meaningful present that really express compassion and empathy for those you love. Because these care packages can be customized to a loved ones specific needs and symptoms it’s a sure way to make someone happy and tell them that you truly understand what they go through.

To make gift giving easy, we compiled a list below of some of the best tools for people with migraine that anyone with migraine would love to receive. These migraine relief gifts are strategies we use to reduce triggers between attacks and reach for to make us more comfortable as we move through a migraine attack.

Migraine Strong Amazon Store

Thoughtful Gifts That Costs No Money

  • An offer to watch the kids, walk the dog, throw in a load of laundry etc. to allow your loved one to rest would be well received & appreciated!
  • Prepare dinner and pop it into their freezer so they have easy access to a healthy meal when they’re feeling their worst.

Weighted products

  • Nodpod Weighted Sleep Mask – Nodpod’s strap free design equally distributes the power of deep-touch pressure across key pressure points to help calm overactive minds, soothe headaches and help you sink into deep restful sleep.
  • Nodpod Weighted Pod For Your Bod – All the benefits of a weighted blanket in a pod! Nodpod BODY’s unique design allows for a cooler body contouring experience. All the benefits of a full size weighted blanket in a portable, machine washable pod. 
  • Chunky Knitted Weighted Blanket (12, 15 and 20 pounds) – Distributes the weight evenly and allows weighted blanket to conform to the body. The breathable heavy blanket is soft, comfortable, and has no odor, perfectly adapted to year-round use.
  • Chunky Knit Throw – This throw is not technically a weighted product, but at 7 pounds, it will be perfect for some! It has replaced my heated throw for the fall season and I love the weight of this throw!

Crafts and Hobbies

Crafting and hobbies can be a powerful distraction from the pain and discomfort of migraine. We have compiled a list of some of our favorites.

For more ideas, check out our Favorites page for our entire list of items that make thoughtful migraine relief gifts.

4. Migraine Friendly Foods and Drinks


Common foods and snacks can be a problem for some of us with migraine. Why? Because some foods, especially those that are processed, have ingredients that can make our migraine brains less than happy. The new Amia Baked Oat & Seed Bars are migraine friendly, made free of common migraine triggers and are packed with magnesium, so you can snack with confidence and get back to living your life.

The bars come in Original, Cinnamon and Coconut and I like all of the flavors, but I think cinnamon is my favorite! The texture is dense and soft at the same time. These are a great snack option for throwing in your bag, car, backpack, purse or wherever you need to have a ready made snack to avoid getting hangry! They also aren’t loaded with sugar so avoiding the big blood sugar spike it simple as well. Use the code migrainestrong to receive 15% off!


Hydration is important for everyone, but it’s especially important for those with migraine as dehydration is a common, but often preventable migraine trigger. Help encourage and inspire hydration with these thoughtful gift options…

Migraine snacks and treats

Ginger products

Organic ginger juice from The Ginger People is a wonderful way to use ginger in drinks, recipes, teas etc. We love these ginger shots for kicking out some nausea or the early stages of an attack. We love ginger for treating migraine attacks. The ginger candies are also very portable and can be enjoyed on the go. Our favorite is the Spicy Apple! And these chewable ginger tablets drops are helpful in relieving nausea that tags along with migraine attacks.

Migraine Friendly Tea

One of our favorite tea is Biodynamic Ginger from Republic of Tea. We use this tea at the beginning of a migraine attack to help us feel better and treat symptoms. Read our article on ginger for migraine to get the scoop on how and why that works. To complete this gift consider an electric tea kettle that boils water in a flash and includes automatic shut off rather than the noisy triggering whistle of stovetop kettles.

5. Online Gourmet Foods

Harry and David gifts

If you have ever had a box of Harry and David pears or apples, you know how amazing they are. They are also generally well tolerated by people with migraine so it makes a great gift. We look forward to getting boxes of fruit every year!

Jeni’s Ice Cream

Have you ever had Jeni’s Ice Cream? They have some of the best and most unique flavors in the ice cream game. Some of my favorites are Skillet Cinnamon Roll, Brambleberry Crisp and Salty Caramel. They also ship nationwide! Pick some favorites, or flavors that sound interesting, and send some to your family and friends! If you’re feeling really adventurous, try their Everything Bagel ice cream!!

6. Audible and Kindle subscription

Reading books is a great distraction when in pain. But many of us have trouble focusing on the written word during a migraine attack. A subscription to Audible would make a great gift for someone whose migraine symptoms or busy lifestyle prevent them from sitting down and reading a physical book. Instead, audio books can be downloaded from Audible offers 30 days of membership free to get you started. Then you can decide if you wish to cancel, purchase a monthly subscription or pay for individual audio books.

Adding an Amazon Echo Dot Speaker makes listening to books on audible hands free. Another way to make the Kindle or iPad hands free is with this Remote control page turner for kindle/iPad. Just clip the device on the side of the Kindle or iPad and you can use the clicker in your hand to turn the pages instead of reaching up and tapping the side of the device each time. Use this adjustable tablet stand to hold your device and you can stay bundled up cozy and warm!! This is especially nice for those who have trouble holding devices due to arthritis or other conditions.

You can get ebooks and audio books through Kindle Unlimited. There is also a 30 day trial! However, with Kindle Unlimited you can read e-books which is an extra bonus. If you or your loved one prefers reading e-books, Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is one of the better e-readers for those of us with migraine. It has an adjustable screen with auto-adjusting front light for a personalized reading experience, day or night, including the ability to warm up the colors on the screen. If you are having trouble reading due to migraine, you can use the settings on the Kindle Paperwhite to ask it to read to you instead!

Wireless listening device

Oladance Open Ear Headphones
Optional Oladance Travel Charging Case

Oladance Open Ear HeadphonesListening to audiobooks, music, podcasts or even meditation apps through earbuds is the preferred method for most of us. If you have trouble with the earbuds that fit inside your ear canals, these are the headphones for you. They fit over the upper ear and in front of the opening to the ear canal.

While they don’t offer noise cancellation, I have used them on airplanes, while exercising and in noisy environments. I use these daily to take phone calls and they are very clear for me and those I talk to. They are wonderfully comfortable and easy to use and come in 4 different colors (I opted for the orange because it’s my favorite color and it’s fun!!).

They have all of the other ‘tap’ features that are found on most wireless earbuds. If you travel frequently and want to be able to charge the Open Ear Headphones on the go, they offer a separate charging case for an additional cost. I purchased both and have been very happy to have an easy way to charge when I’m on the go. They have a very long charge on the battery too!

7. Hot and cold soothing products

Nearly every migraine relief package will include a comfy item that delivers either hot or cold.


Icekap Migraine Relief Cap comes with 5 Therapy Grade Non-Toxic Gel Ice Packs and is a known for it’s patented therapeutic, drug-free headache relief. It will last for three hours and is comfortable enough to be worn while you are up and about. While the picture shows the hat being worn forwards, I like wearing it with the back over my forehead and pulled down over my eyes. Lots of options with this hat!! Use this code for 10% off: MIGRAINESTRONG10.

Thermophore Classic Heat Pack – This is a large weighted heating pad and it is one of the hottest heating pads I have ever used! I also love it because it’s big enough to wrap around my head!
TheraPAQ Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders – Weighted Heating pad that is microwavable and freezable! The best of both worlds!
SOOTHIE Headache Relief Hat and Migraine Relief Cap – Freeze or microwave your Soothie to get it the temperature you prefer during your migraine attack
Orastone Rechargeable Hand Warmer Electronic Portable Hand Warmer

Neck and shoulder massage

Resteck Massagers for Neck and Back with Heat – Deep Tissue 3D Kneading also comes with a travel case. I bought my daughter one of these last year and it is wonderful for when my neck is super tight before, during or after an attack. The heated massagers are very relaxing.
Massage Envy – A Massage Envy gift card is perfect for just about every body on your list. They can choose from massage, skin care, or assisted stretch – whatever ME time means to them.

8. Natural wellness products


Migrastil is a line of products created by migraine sufferers for migraine sufferers. Their goal is to help you be stronger than your migraine attacks. We love these products and are excited to tell you about them!!

  • Migraine Stick by Migrastil – This bottle contains cooling relief in the form of peppermint and lavender in fractionated coconut oil.
  • Migrastil Soothing Neck and Shoulder Cream – This cream is made with deep penetrating plant extracts to gently soothe neck and shoulder pain and tension. It is a non-greasy, moisturizing formula which has a very light, pleasing ginger mint scent. This feels wonderful on neck pain and shoulder tension that can accompany a migraine attack.
  • Migrastil Migraine Nausea Inhaler – This aromatherapy inhaler works for nausea from multiple causes, but is specially formulated to be gentle for migraine sufferers who may be sensitive to strong odors. It is really convenient and helpful for my migraine nausea.
  • Migrastil Travel Kit – If you would like to try several of the Migrastil products at one time, check out their handy travel kit. This kit contains the Migraine Stick, Soothing Neck and Shoulder Cream, Migraine Nausea Inhaler, Anti-dehydration Electrolyte Drops, Eye Mask and Ear Plugs.
  • MigraFreeze Migraine & Headache Relief Hat – Cold therapy is an effective way to help with pain from migraines, tension headaches, sinus headaches, etc. Comfort fit with soft, flexible cold gel inserts. Can be pulled down over eyes to block out light and provide extra cooling. One size fits most.
    (Get 15% off any product with this LINK and code MigraineStrong)

Peace Love Rally

The most delightful topical magnesium roller balls with or without essential oils. These magnesium rollers help to ease muscle pain and inflammation. They are also very calming to use during an attack. We recommend the Intro Bundle so that you can try all three types! (Save 10% with this LINK and promo code MIGRAINESTRONG)


Ruhe makes natural and cruelty-free migraine and headache relief products. What’s unique about this line is that the products cater to different phases of migraine and headache – the onset, during an attack, and the aftermath. These products all have a refreshing smell that’s effective without being overwhelming. Keep your eye out for a new Ruhe Well Dizzy Box dropping on November 21st!

Ruhe’s lineup includes the below products, in addition to a variety of kits that can be found on their website:

  • Cooling Blue Bliss Jelly Mask, which works well both during the onset and following an attack thanks to its refreshing essential oil blend and realigning willow bark extract.
  • Soothing Minty Mellow Balm with magnesium oil and a soft peppermint aroma that can be used both before an anticipated attack and during.
  • Refreshing Roller Rescue Oil Blend roller ball, which is incredibly versatile for any migraine or headache phase. It has a very fresh aroma that’s also great for combating nausea and fatigue. 
  • Uplifting Magic Mist Shower Steamers that break up migraine and headache tension by transforming your shower into a mint and eucalyptus oasis. These work especially well during an attack as well as afterward to ease any lingering symptoms.
  • Invigorating Comfort Cloud Diffuser Blend, which helps to bring a sense of calm to your environment during or following an attack. This uplifting yet soothing essential oil blend helps an achy head while also fighting nausea and refreshing your senses. 
  • Tranquil Relief Rhapsody Soy Candle, which fills your space with a soothing peppermint and rosemary aroma with a calming, soft light. This clean-burning soy candle is a great way to unwind and decompress following an attack.
    (Use code MIGRAINESTRONG20 for 20% off)

9. Professional migraine service

Having your own personal team is important for managing migraine. A headache specialist, support group and specialized exercise and migraine coaching can all be resources for helping us manage migraine. For many, this would be the ultimate migraine care package!

Virtual headache clinic

Access to a headache specialist or a doctor trained specifically to treat headache disorders can be hard to find. Several states have no headache specialists and others have only one. You can now have access to a board certified headache specialist or neurologist (trained in headache protocol) from the comfort of your home (via video).

This service, called Neura Health, is an effort to provide patients with chronic headache and migraine access to quality care, without having to travel long distances or wait a long time for appointments. Most new patients are seen within days, not weeks or months. Read our Neura Health review for more information. Receive $15 off with this LINK.

10. The gift of books & migraine education

The Mediterranean Migraine Diet: A Science-Based Roadmap to Control Symptoms and Transform Brain Health – Based on the popular Mediterranean diet, this eating plan goes a step beyond migraine elimination diets to help people living with migraine expand their palette of ingredients. Co-authored by healthy living blogger and creator of, Alicia Wolf, and neurologist Dr. Shin Beh, the book is packed with information.

Lessons In Chemistry: A Novel – This is a wonderful book about a brilliant, female chemist who eventually ends up as the beloved host of a popular cooking show, Supper At Six. This popular book is also a limited series on AppleTV. However, the book is significantly different and is worth the read even if you are watching the series!!

The Way Out: A Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven Approach to Healing Chronic Pain – This book explains Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT), a mind-body protocol that has eliminated chronic pain and has transformed the lives of thousands. PRT is rooted in neuroscience, which has shown that while chronic pain feels like it’s coming from the body, in most cases it’s generated by misfiring pain circuits in the brain. PRT is a system of psychological techniques that rewires the brain to break out of the cycle of chronic pain.

A Pass to The Migraine World Summit– This online summit will be held March 6-13, 2024 and could honestly be life changing for anyone who suffers from migraine. When joining the Migraine World Summit you’ll have access to the world-leading migraine experts, doctors and specialists where you’ll learn what they do to treat migraine disease.

Medical journal– has everything they’ll need to track symptoms, triggers attacks, medications and treatments in one organized spot.

11. App subscription

Meditation or mindfulness apps

Meditation can be an effective tool when dealing with migraine. We often recommend Calm to the members in our Migraine Strong Facebook group. It’s an app for sleep, meditation, focus and relaxation. You can even fall asleep to a bedtime story, some of them read by well known artists. Additional popular guided meditation subscriptions are Insight Timer, Headspace and Breethe. And if you are looking for a migraine tracker, check out Migraine Buddy.

Curable App

Curable helps you understand why you have pain, why it persists, and guides you through science-backed strategies to help you heal. We have received a lot of great feedback on this app and how it has helped many people with chronic migraine learn how to manage their pain. They frequently offer deals as well. Check out this app and add it to your migraine toolkit. Receive 6 weeks FREE with this LINK!!

12. Household options

The favorite pillow of the Migraine Strong community.


Pillows – Finding the perfect pillow can be tough, but we have many recommended by the migraine community members. Read this blog on the best pillow for migraine to help you decide which one to try.
Slip Queen Silk Pillowcase – Silk pillowcases are great for keeping hair from tangling as well as keeping skin clear!
Kitsch Satin Pillowcase – Satin pillowcases provide the perfect surface soft shiny hair and prevents wrinkles and blemishes on skin!
ienjoy Home Sheet Set– Wrap your loved one in comfort. These sheets are so ultra soft they feel like a luxury hotel sheets! The softest I’ve ever slept on.


  • Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop – This mop will clean the floors without the use of heavy, smelly chemicals which can often be a migraine trigger.
  • iRobot Roomba Vacuum – No need to worry about the vacuuming while stuck in bed with a migraine attack. Just have the iRobot Roomba Vacuum take care of it!!
  • Shark Robot Vacuum – If you’d rather have a bagless, self emptying base, this is your robot vacuum!
  • Shark HE601 Air Purifier – We love the Shark Air Purifier! Every member of the Migraine Strong team has one of these in our homes. It is remarkably quiet, clean and an incredibly fast clean air delivery rate. The Clean Sense IQ tracks air quality and auto-adjusts power to constantly maintain clean air in your home. The easy-to-use control panel displays data in real time. Wonderful for allergies and for people with pets.
  • Seventh Generation All Purpose Cleaner, Biodegradable Formula – This cleanser does not contain any harsh cleanser smell.
  • Squeak All Perp Essential Oil All Purpose Cleaner – Jennifer Bragdon loves this cleanser and she says it smells like a migraine stick!


Bonus! Support Migraine Strong Members!!

Migraine Strong is a community of people who have pulled together over the past 7 years to support each other and help lift each other up. In keeping with that tradition, we’d like to mention a couple of small businesses owned and operated by Migraine Strong members. Supporting them is supporting one of our own! And their products are perfect gifts for others with migraine as well!!

Lisa Mayhew, longtime member of Migraine Strong is based in gorgeous coastal Maine. She creates hand painted original watercolor paintings inspired from the natural specimens and landscape around her. I personally own one of her gorgeous butterfly paintings. She’s so talented! Check out her Etsy shop or lisamainehavendecor on Instagram.

Studio Ilana Creations

Ilana Radin Segall is a long time member of Migraine Strong. She has some lovely creations in her Etsy shop. Explore her custom bedding, art, clothing and mugs and other decor. It is soothing and beautiful!

Custom stationery

Custom Creations Boutique is owned by long time member of Migraine Strong, Lauren Granato. This is a custom design shop that works hard to create unique, high-quality event stationery for you! They design everything from save-the-dates to wedding invitations and place cards. They also design for baby showers, graduations, special birthdays, thank-you notes, and more! Check out their website for options and see their beautiful work.

Water processed decaf coffee

The most recommended type of decaf is Water-Processed coffee. It is highly regulated to be 99.9% caffeine free.

Farm House Coffee Roasters has a great selection of water-processed decaf coffee and it is delicious! It is owned by Migraine Strong’s very own, Andrew Newell. Farm House Coffee Roasters is a certified organic micro-roastery located in Winterport, Maine. My personal favorite decaf is the Ethiopian decaf. LOVE it!! (To receive 15% off your purchase, enter code: #migrainestrong.)

And don’t forget to grab a coffee mug or this awesome Yeti Rambler or iced coffee pitcher to give together as a complete gift or to add to a migraine care package.

Hand Crafted CBD Products

Primal Botanical is owned by a long time Migraine Strong group member, Annika McCann, who lives in Vermont and suffers from migraine herself. She is a Registered Nurse and clinical herbalist who handcrafts these certified organic CBD products.

Not sure about gift ideas for someone with migraine? The Head and Neck CBD Rub is particularly lovely and I love the UPLIFT – CBD Mineral Soak and Lavender. (To receive 10% off your purchase enter code: STRONG10.)

Gift Ideas Not To Give People With Migraine

If you are shopping for a gift for someone with migraine keep in mind that some things can actually trigger an attack. Although triggers are individual, it is better to avoid the following: 

  • Products with scents and fragrances such as perfume, candles, and scented lotions;  
  • Tickets to events which could cause sound or light sensitivities;
  • Products that create flashing lights and noise

We hope that this holiday season will allow you and your loved ones to spend quality time and enjoy each other. Although gifts are part of a long time tradition, nothing says “I care about you” like a phone call or a random act of kindness. We also hope that these gift ideas will make the shopping process easier for you when you are shopping for someone with migraine.

Updated from 11/3/2022

Top Gift Ideas For People With Migraine

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  1. After the free week and the free mini class how much is the Vestibular Migraine Exercise Program?

    I have Vestibular Migraines and have not been successful in continuing my Vestibular Exercises at home alone.

    1. Hi. Exercises at home without support can be a challenge. We do not know the details of Dr. Oak’s program and suggest you contact her directly. I hope you find consistent relief very soon.

  2. I would love if you all could review earplugs! I would like to go see some live music (on a good day 🙂 so I was looking for earplugs which don’t muffle the sound but just bring down the loudness… Thanks for this article!! Lots of great stuff.

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