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Allay Lamp and Desk Light

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Neura Health App

A virtual neurology clinic connecting you with top doctors in neurology and headache medicine. Read our review of the Neura Health app.

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Migraine friendly foods. Soft and delicious oat and seed bars free from common migraine triggers!

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Loop Quiet Noise Reducing Earplugs

Perfect for sleep, focus, noise sensitivity and travel

Peace Love Rally

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Migraine World Summit Registration


World-Leading Migraine and Headache Experts Share Education, Resources and Hope

This virtual Event is Free to Attend and truly is a must see for everyone with migraine. Register through the link above.

Migraine Travel Kit by Migrastil

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Migraine Strong Partners

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Migraine Stick by Migrastil(15% off with code MigraineStrong)
Migrastil Soothing Neck and Shoulder Cream(15% off with code MigraineStrong)
Migrastil Migraine Nausea Inhaler(15% off with code MigraineStrong)
The Wand by Pure Wine from Amazon
The Wave by Pure Wine from Amazon
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Books & Education

The End Of Migraines: 150 Ways to Stop Your Pain Dr. Alexander Mauskop’s new book on treatments.
Managing Your Migraine Dr. Katy Munro’s new book on managing migraine.
The New Menopause: Navigating Your Path Through Hormonal Change with Purpose, Power and Facts Dr. Mary Claire Haver
Heal Your Headache The 1-2-3 program for taking charge of your pain by Dr. David Buchholz.
Gotta Headache (the Charleston Diet) by neurologist Dr. Carol Foster.
The Dizzy Cook More than 90 comforting recipes and lifestyle tips for managing migraine.
The Mediterranean Migraine Diet – By The Dizzy Cook – Alicia Wolf – A Science-Based Roadmap to Control Symptoms and Transform Brain Health.
Eat Rich Live Long – Mastering the low carb and Keto spectrum.
The Migraine Brain By Harvard Medical School faculty member and practicing headache specialist Dr. Carolyn Bernstein.
The Feeling Good Handbook A guide to cognitive behavioral therapy to help you get beyond depression and anxiety.
Victory Over Vestibular Migraine: The action plan for healing and getting your life back.
Migraine Journal and symptom tracker.
The Way Out by Alan Gordon LCSW. A groundbreaking mind-body protocol to heal chronic pain, backed by new research.



Light Sensitivity Relief

Allay Lamp – Green light therapy 10% off with link & code MIGRAINESTRONG
TheraSpecs Migraine Glasses (Audrey)
Avulux Migraine Glassessave $25 with code MIGRAINESTRONG
Norb Migraine relief light bulb

Noise Sensitivity Relief

Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling Headphones in rose gold
Flare Audio Sleeping Earplugs
Flare Audio Isolate Ear Protection Earplugs
Mack’s Ultra soft foam ear plugs
Mack’s Slim fit soft ear plugs
Hatch Restore Wake up gently to gradual sunrise

Cold Therapy

Be Kool soft gel sheets
Headache Hat
Headache Hat – GO
Ice Halo by Headache Hat
Migrafreeze Migraine Relief Hat by Migrastil (15% off with code Freeze15)
Migrafreeze Migraine Relief Hat by Migrastil (15% off with code MigraineStrong)


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BioEmblem Triple Magnesium Complex
Pure Encapsulations Magnesium Glycinate**
Pure Encapsulations CogniMag (for brain fog)**
Pure Encapsulations Ginger**
Pure Encapsulations B Complex Plus**
Pure Encapsulations CoQ10**
Pure Encapsulations Ginko Biloba (for tinnitus help!)**
Pure Encapsulations O.N.E. Multivitamin**
Gaia Ginger Supreme
Gaia Turmeric Supreme Pain
Riboflavin (B2) by Integrative Therapeutics**
Riboflavin (B2) by Solgar**
Riboflavin (B2) by Douglas Laboratories**
Life Flo Magnesium Chloride Flakes
Trace Minerals Magnesium Flakes**
Life Flo Magnesium Lotion
Trace Minerals Magnesium Lotion
Align Probiotic Supplement
Lindberg Lemon Bioflavonoid
Ginger Powder

Global Teas LLC Save 10% with code MigraineStrong10

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