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    Migraine Facts

    The Best Questions To Ask Your Neurologist About Migraine

    When we finally get an appointment to see a headache specialist or a neurologist, it is important to be as prepared as possible. We may have had to wait months for this appointment. You may have a million thoughts and migraine questions in your head right now. Let's sort through what to tell your neurologist about your symptoms and the main questions you want answers to

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    Migraine Facts

    What is the Root Cause of Migraine?

    Back in my early days of episodic migraine I didn’t give much thought to the root cause of migraine attacks. It wasn’t until I had chronic migraine that I started to wonder what the heck was causing my once full life to get smaller and smaller.  I wanted to know what was wrong with my body so I could fix it. What was my root cause of migraine?

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    Finding A Headache Specialist Or These 5 Best Options

    ‘You really need to see a headache specialist!’ If you've had chronic migraine for any length of time, you've heard some version of this. It’s a true statement. However, when the number of headache specialists in the United States is a whopping 707 to treat approximately four million chronic migraine patients…scheduling to see one of these specialists can feel like scoring slightly better odds than spotting a unicorn.

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    Migraine Facts

    Migraine Triggers List and The Bucket Theory

    The Bucket Theory is talked about frequently in our private Facebook group. We use it to explain exactly how things on the migraine triggers list can go about triggering migraine attacks. The theory developed out of a desire to explain the complications involved in identifying personal triggers on the migraine triggers list. Especially the triggers that might trigger us one week and not the next. Sound familiar?

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    Migraine Facts

    Books about Migraine that will Motivate you to Take Control Now

    There is no question that migraine is a disease that occurs on a spectrum. Some people experience chronic daily symptoms while others get attacks just a few times a year. So each of us experience migraine disease differently. Yet, all of us want to be sure it impacts our life as little as possible. Learning everything you can about treatment, triggers and managing symptoms can lessen its impact on your life and empower you to take control over your symptoms. I’ve compiled a list of books about migraine as educational resources to help you do just that.

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    An Open Letter to Family and Friends of People With Migraine

    There are some realities of migraine that none of us can escape. It affects more than a billion people worldwide, between 40-50 million in the United States alone and around 4 million of those have chronic migraine (15 or more headache days a month with 8 days being migraine). These are common symptoms of migraine: Pain (mild to severe) Dizziness/Vertigo Nausea/Vomiting Extreme sensitivity to light/scents/sound/motion Tinnitus/Ringing in the ears Aphasia (Difficulty speaking) Vision loss Visual phenomena (shapes, spots, colors, flashes of light, zig zag lines, halos etc) Weakness or numbness in face and extremities  Olfactory hallucinations (smelling odors that aren’t there) Intense fatigue/Weakness Neck pain and stiffness Irritability/Excitability Food cravings …

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    Migraine Facts

    Finding the Right Migraine Support Group

    When I was first diagnosed with chronic vestibular migraine, I wasn’t sure where to turn. I literally didn’t know anyone else with the same diagnosis as me. And as much as I love my neurologist, he might not be too happy with multiple emails a day about what foods might be a trigger or what to do if I’m going to the bathroom too often with the magnesium I’m taking! So I began to research different groups online with others who shared a similar diagnosis.  There are a lot more now then there were back then. especially for VM, but I still felt overwhelmed by the amount that I could…

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    Migraine Facts

    Minimizing Migraine Attacks: What I wish I knew…

    There is so much I wish I knew about minimizing migraine when my frequency of attacks was ramping up a few years ago.  I would have avoided chonifying and been so much healthier had this blog site been available to me just a few years ago. I know you don’t feel lucky to ONLY have episodic migraine, but count your lucky stars that you haven’t “chronified.”  Social media, has changed the way people educate and help themselves today. You have so many more resources to help you get better. I assume you have episodic migraine that is worsening and you are here trying to figure out what to do to…

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    Migraine Facts

    Does Fear of a Migraine Attack Hold You Back?

    Does fear of a migraine attack hold you back from making plans or doing things you love? Do you have a doubt monster that lives inside your head? One that ticks off the reasons why we can’t go…wherever? I know exactly how this feels.  Migraine has been my near constant companion for most of my life. Even on the days that I don’t have what I call an ‘active attack’, I have reminders that she’s around. Things like tinnitus, aural fullness, unexpected dizziness, stabbing pains out of nowhere and random light sensitivity. Most days, these symptoms are in the background and I don’t notice them like I used to. If…