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Heal Your Headache: The 1-2-3 Program For Taking Charge of Your Pain by David Buchholz, MD

The Migraine Brain by Carolyn Bernstein, MD

The Dizzy Cook: Managing Migraine With More Than 90 Comfort Recipes And Lifestyle Tips by Alicia Wolf


Parenting With Migraine – blog about Marina’s experience with chronic migraine and motherhood.

The Dizzy Cook – blog filled with delicious migraine safe recipes and tips for vestibular migraine.

True Kaylaisms – blog about Kayla’s experience with vestibular migraine, motherhood and beyond.

Migraine Buds – community of migraine warriors who are finding relief with medical cannabis.

Movement With Migraine – blog about exercising as part of a lifestyle approach to managing migraine.

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MigraineBuds (on FB and Instagram) – Learn about using CBD and medical cannabis for migraine.

The Dizzy Cook Recipe Chat – discuss recipes and any modifications to them. A good place to share what you’ve been making with others fans of The Dizzy Cook!

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