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    ACT Therapy For Migraine Relief Now

    Chronic illness of any kind is a challenging human experience that no one wants. As human beings this may be part of our lived experience. Chronic, defined as lasting for a long-time, with repeated occurrences and ongoing need for treatment, can be a defeating, scary word. There are various levels of chronic illness. You will find as you read this article how I have grown to view chronic migraine. Before we discuss ACT Therapy for migraine, let's understand more about frequent and chronic migraine.

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    Everything You Need To Know About Gua Sha Massage for Migraine

    Have you heard about Gua sha for migraine? Gua sha also called scraping therapy is a therapeutic, tool assisted type of massage. This healing technique has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for migraines for centuries. It’s most commonly used for conditions of chronic pain making it a good fit for many of us with migraine disease. During treatment a smooth edged tool is used to scrape your skin. While the first thought of it may seem hokey, it’s actually a relaxing massage therapy technique that offers many benefits for those with migraine.

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    What’s the Best Diet for YOUR Migraine?

    Oh how I wish this was a simple answer.  Just like there is no definitive answer to “what’s the best migraine medication,” there is no definitive answer. Why should you read any further? Well, there’s a great deal to know about diet and migraine but it might not be what you expect. I assume that you are reading this as you are considering making a change to your current way of eating to try to get migraine attacks in better control.

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    Traveling With Migraine – How To Avoid Airplane Headache And Other Migraine Pitfalls

    Traveling with migraine and avoiding the inevitable airplane headache is…challenging. The excitement, extensive planning and packing, remembering to pack all of our meds/supplements, and planning for head friendly meals away from home are just a few things to navigate. I have found that if I plan ahead, I can mitigate some of the normal triggers that happen when I travel. Stick with me while we explore these tips. 

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    Diet Controversy: When It’s Time to Stop the Migraine Diet (and what to do next)

    Why am I writing about this issue? While we love the elimination diet as one tool to treat migraine, we also acknowledge it doesn't work for everyone. We see some people staying on an elimination diet far past the time it should have helped. We all like the idea of something so easily controlled (food and drink) being a factor in managing migraine and it can be hard to let go of the control we felt we had...even if it didn't improve our migraine.

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    Natural Remedies for Dizziness Relief That You Need to Know

    One of the hardest parts about living with a vestibular disorder is dealing with constant dizziness. It’s such a terribly unpleasant and unsettling sensation. Feeling dizziness daily is exhausting more than most people know. Our brains use so much energy in attempting to compensate for dizziness. Did you know doctors actually consider 'Dizzy' to be an all-encompassing, vague word to describe the many types of symptoms we experience. Dizziness can include anything from feeling faint, disorientation, general imbalance, rocking and swaying, dropping and bouncing sensations to full on whirling vertigo. I'm hoping the many natural remedies for dizziness relief discussed here will help ease all of these symptoms for you.

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    Topamax For Migraine – Reviews and Facts You Should Know

    Topamax (topiramate) for migraine treatment in adults was first approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in 2004. If you have spent any time in migraine support groups on social media, then you have likely heard some stories about topiramate. If we were going only by these posts, we would have to conclude that the medication was simply not tolerated...by almost anyone. However, I wonder if we tend to not hear from the people that topiramate helped because they are out living their lives. We decided to talk to our Private Migraine Strong Facebook group about their experiences with this much maligned medication to see what was up. It…

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    Can Constipation Cause Migraine Headaches? What You Need to Know Now

    Constipation and I go way back. We have been lifelong companions though not friends. I can confidently say that after decades, I now have the upper-hand and rarely fall into the “strained” relationship.  OK, pardon the pun. If you have been living with bouts of constipation as well as tension headaches or migraine, you want to know- can constipation cause headaches OR is it the reverse- does being prone to headache or migraine episodes cause constipation. As a registered dietitian diagnosed with migraine, I have spent quite a bit of time in this inquiry.

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    Top 10 Gift Ideas For People With Migraine

    As the holidays are approaching, it’s time to start thinking about holiday shopping. I know what you are thinking. It's not even Thanksgiving and we are talking about holiday shopping?! Ugh. All of the 'experts' in retail sales are recommending shopping early this year due to the supply chain issues many of us are facing. Many people, especially those of us with migraine or other chronic illnesses find holiday shopping overwhelming and stressful. And that's without having issues with finding gifts or getting them delivered on time. We have assembled some options for the person with migraine on your gift list (or perhaps yourself)!