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Blisslets Acupressure Bands – Do They Work?

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Migraine comes with a long list of symptoms two of which are nausea and vomiting. While there are many medications that are available for use in treating migraine nausea and vomiting, many people are sensitive to these medications or unable to take them due to contraindications with other medications or even pregnancy. Some of the anti-nausea medications can also have unwanted side effects that make it difficult to function once taken. Often we feel lethargic after medicating with these treatments, so the search is always on for a more natural and less invasive approach. Our curiosity about the effectiveness of acupressure bands had us eager to try the Blisslets acupressure bands.

While Migraine Strong writes about the latest in migraine treatments, this is not medical advice. We are patient educators and all information you read should be discussed with your doctor.

Acupressure Bands For Nausea and Vomiting

Over the years, one of the prominent, alternative techniques for treating migraine nausea and vomiting has been acupressure at the P6 (Nei-Kuan) point in the wrist. This pressure point has also been shown to be effective at reducing nausea and vomiting in pregnancy, after chemotherapy and even after surgery. The results appear to be the same whether the pressure point is manually (with fingers) or automatically delivered via a specialized acupressure band around the wrist. 

How Blisslets was Founded

Blisslets is a company that was founded with a desire to help pregnant women get relief from the vomiting and nausea that frequently accompany morning sickness in early pregnancy. The goal was actually two fold. The Founder, Kate Aparicio, also wanted the acupressure bands to be less noticeable than others that were available on the market. She asked herself, ‘why can’t acupressure bands be made to look like regular jewelry?’ 

With this in mind, she and her husband Bernardo set out to make a line of effective acupressure bands that were also stylish and beautiful. They were successful! Blissets delivers ‘pressure to the P6 point using a specially designed bead embedded in a comfortable elastic.’ This specific pressure helps to reduce or eliminate nausea and vomiting caused by morning sickness, movement (in a car or boat, for instance) and any number of other causes. While these were originally marketed and meant for the pregnant community, it is obvious to those of us with migraine that they can be useful for other conditions as well. Here they are compared to another band which also shows the packaging comparison.

How to Wear Acupressure Wrist Bands

To get the effectiveness of these acupressure wrist bands, you have to wear one on each arm. They come in pairs and there are so many fun styles. They work best if you put them on before nausea starts, but can still be helpful when nausea is already present. The Blisslets acupressure wrist bands can be worn for 48 hours straight. They can offer relief in as little as just a few minutes, but as we are all unicorns, this will differ with each person. Knowing how to wear acupressure bands properly will help your odds of getting good relief.

Also, be aware that the Blisslets contain latex in case you are allergic. Consult your doctor before wearing them if you have undiagnosed nausea or vomiting, or if you have any circulatory issues or carpal tunnel. 

Eileen’s Experience

I haven’t traditionally had a ton of nausea with my migraine. Recently my migraine has begun to morph and nausea has become one of my symptoms. This has been within the last six weeks or so. Being able to try the Blisslets has been somewhat serendipitous. I also have generalized car sickness when I am a passenger in the car. This usually results in some vague nausea and dizziness or a feeling of being off balance. This has been something that has plagued me since I was a child.

Sizing and Comfort

I initially requested the medium size Celia + Edith style acupressure bracelets to try and they were slightly too tight. Blisslets immediately sent me new acupressure bands of a large size that fit much better. After wearing them several times for several hours at a time, I feel like the Celia style band (beaded) has stretched just a bit and feels a bit more comfortable to me than the Edith (more of a woven texture) which has held its shape. If you are sensitive to pressure, like I am, choosing one that has slightly more give to it might be a wise choice.

Celia (Left), stretched after use

How They Worked For Me

I tried the Blisslets for a total of four separate attacks, including one last night (and I just put them on again this morning). My nausea doesn’t usually lead to actual vomiting. Instead, I feel like it is imminent for hours on end. I’m sure you know exactly what I mean. I have recently changed some medication and I believe that this nausea could also be part of adjusting to that change. The Blisslets help to reduce the overall nausea and make me feel less Depending on how quickly I get them on, I can feel relief within about 10-15 minutes.

I was also able to try my Blisslets out on a couple of drives. I definitely felt like they helped with the vague nausea that I feel when I am a passenger in the car. The next time we drive through the twisty turns of West Virginia on our way to my in-laws place in South Carolina, I’ll be sure to use them. I feel like these are a good addition to my travel toolkit for sure. I should be able to skip the Dramamine!!


I’m not sure why I haven’t tried acupressure bands before for my decades of car sickness, probably skepticism. Overall, I have been very impressed with their ability to reduce my overall nausea. I was so happy that these came into my life right when my nausea started kicking up. Sometimes things work out just right! I’m always happy to add something new to my toolkit, especially when it won’t interact with any of my medications. While I did receive my Blisslets in exchange for an honest review, Migraine Strong doesn’t recommend anything that we don’t use ourselves. These bands will be a constant in my toolkit going forward.

Accupressure bands for vestibular migraine: Jenn’s experience

When I got the chance to try Blisslets nausea relief bracelets, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. As someone diagnosed with both vestibular migraine and Meniere’s disease there is no question IF nausea is going to strike, the question is WHEN is nausea going to strike?  Because when you have two vestibular disorders nausea is a common occurrence. I’ve used another nausea relief band for many years. I know acupressure bands work to help relieve motion sickness and the nausea that comes with it, but those old bands I used to use are so easily identified as a treatment. They’re also thick and bulky, like wearing tight sweat bands on your wrists.

Acupressure for motion sensitivity

I experience nausea due to vestibular migraine for a variety of reasons including:

  • Intense head pain
  • Motion sensitivity
  • Medication use
  • Room spinning vertigo
  • Anxiety

Blisslets are working to help to ease the nausea that comes with each of them. My favorite way to use them is to ease motion sensitivity because it’s often predictable. When you know you’re going for a long car ride, heading out for a hike or to the beach that’s the perfect time to wear them. Walking on uneven surfaces and watching the waves rolling in and out can be nausea inducing for someone sensitive to movement like those with vestibular migraine. Putting Blisslets on before heading out helps to curb the nausea before it starts.

Blisslets in the pool

I love to use my bracelets while swimming. Because I’m sensitive to movement, I get what I call after movements or feelings of imbalance when I get out of the pool that make me feel like I’m still in the water. Kind of similar to feeling like you’re still on a boat after returning from a cruise. That feeling happens to me after being in the water for just a short period of pool time. These bracelets help ease that imbalance and the nausea that comes with it. If you plan to use them for swimming, I recommend choosing a thin, non textured style like Zita + Grace. They dry super-fast and again look like a sporty accessory rather than a nausea treatment. They have nautical styles too like Monterey + Easton that are super cute!

Acupressure bands for vertigo

When I do get a baddie of a vestibular migraine attack I don’t just get a queasy tummy. I get vertigo spins and head pain so intense that the nausea that comes with it is debilitating. And I mean ‘lay on the bathroom floor in tears, praying for relief’ debilitating. Pairing Blisslets with an ice pack, ginger chew, green light and peppermint essential oil is like a power pack of nausea fighting relief for those worst of times moments in dealing with chronic vestibular illness.

Acupressure bracelets for anxiety

A surprising benefit of these acupressure bracelets is that they help relieve anxiety as well. Anxiety happens fairly frequently among dizzy patients so it’s so nice having the opportunity to reach for a natural, healthy treatment in your symptom fighting toolbox that has no negative side effects. There are small studies that confirm how acupressure can be effective in temporarily reducing anxiety. If you know you have a big exam coming up or are going in for a medical procedure that’s another great time to rely on these pretty bracelets to soothe you.  

How these acupressure bracelets are different from other bands

Blisslets acupressure bands are a bit more expensive than other options on the market, but for all of the reasons mentioned in this article I feel they’re worth the few extra bucks. It’s one of those times where the advice ‘you get what you pay for’ applies. They fit a bit tight, but they are very comfortable. They are supposed to fit snug to allow the bead sewn inside the soft elastic band to put pressure on your P6 pressure point. I chose size small and you can see in my comparison photo to another relief band I used to use here that they are still larger. They are unstretched and just resting on my fingers. They are also made from thinner material making them more comfortable than my previous bands.

While I did receive my acupressure bracelets in exchange for an honest review, feel confident in knowing that Migraine Strong prides ourselves on only recommending products we actually use ourselves. I love these bracelets. Honestly, I have never seen another relief band like Blisslets. They’re thin, comfortable and so pretty they don’t look like a nausea treatment at all. They look like jewelry so no one will even know you’re wearing a nausea treatment, allowing you to avoid stigma and feel better while also looking great. They even make styles for men as well as women.

Surprise benefit

Another added benefit to this particular brand of bracelets is that some of them allow you to remove the inner elastic band. Like the camel colored Julia + Lucy leather cuff I am wearing in this picture. So once you start feeling better, you can take the pressure point band out and wear it alone as a pretty leather accessory. Because of this cool feature, I recommend choosing a style that includes a leather cuff. It comes in camel, brown and navy to suit many style preferences.

Jenn wearing Julia + Lucy Leather cuff

In summary

I’m excited to recommend this effective, natural remedy for those who suffer nausea and vomiting with their migraine attacks. I recommend them for anyone with vestibular migraine who experiences motion sensitivity and nausea as a result of dizziness as well. While there are other nausea relief bands, I can say in all honestly, other relief bands just don’t compare. There is no other acupressure band like Blisslets.  I will reach for them often for relief and hope they help you as well. If you’d like to try them for yourself follow this link to the Blisslets website and enter code MIGRAINESTRONG15 to receive a 15% discount off your purchase. If for any reason you’re unhappy they’ve extended their return/exchange policy to 90 days!

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