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Top 10 Gift Ideas For People With Migraine

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As the holidays are approaching, it’s time to start thinking about holiday shopping. Many people, especially those of us with migraine or other chronic illnesses find holiday shopping overwhelming and stressful. How to help someone with migraine as well as ourselves is often a question.

Shopping online for gifts and having a list with gift ideas, however, is a way to make the shopping experience more pleasant despite living with migraine.

Here is an easy guide full of Migraine Strong favorites that would make the perfect gifts for people with migraine. If you or your loved one has migraine, we hope that this list of top 10 gift ideas will make your shopping experience easier!

1. Migraine Shields – New Styles!

Is light sensitivity with migraine an issue for you or a friend or family member? Then you know how painful it can be to spend any time in stores or offices with fluorescent lights. And that’s not even including the time spent on computers and devices! We love our migraine glasses and are super excited about the new collection released by Migraine Shields.

Migraine Shields can help reduce migraine symptoms and prevent attacks. They can be worn during the day or night, indoor or outdoor. They also specifically block blue light at 455nm where it is especially harmful which is why they help with screens: computers, phones, tablets, TV, etc. You can purchase Migraine Shields HERE. You can receive 20% off your order with the code MIGRAINESTRONG!!

2. Allay Lamp

allay lamp green light for migraine

To continue with the light sensitivity theme, the Allay Lamp is one of the most exciting new migraine products talked about in our Private Facebook group.

This new lamp offers narrow band green light therapy to reduce light sensitivity. It not only reduces the overall migraine symptoms during attacks, it helps to reduce the frequency of attacks!! Read about how this new therapy works in our blogs about light sensitivity and vestibular migraine.

This is a wonderful way to help someone with migraine that does not involve a prescription, medication or co-pay.

To receive 10% off of the Allay Lamp use this link!!

3. A Gift Basket For Someone With Migraine

Perfect for any occasion, gift baskets make a thoughtful and meaningful gift. Although pre-packaged baskets come in a large variety and are easily customized, they may still contain migraine triggers. People with migraine may appreciate a basket specific to their needs.

To make it easier, we have compiled a list of some of the best gifts for migraine sufferers that they would love to discover in their gift basket:

For more ideas, check out our Favorites page for our entire list of migraine friendly products!

4. Audible and Kindle Subscription

A subscription to Audible would make a great gift for someone whose migraine symptoms or busy lifestyle prevent them from sitting down and reading a physical book. Instead, audio books can be downloaded from Audible offers 30 days of membership free to get you started. Then you can decide if you wish to cancel, purchase a monthly subscription or pay for individual audio books.

Adding an Amazon Echo Smart Speaker with a charging dock makes listening to books on audible portable. The charging dock allows you to carry your dot around the house or even outside in the yard for easy listening while your cleaning or working in the garden.

Similarly you can get audio books through Kindle Unlimited. There is also a 30 day trial! However, with Kindle Unlimited you can read e-books which is an extra bonus. If you or your loved one prefers reading e-books, Kindle Paperwhite is one of the better e-readers for us migraine folks. It does not emit blue light, so it does not affect migraine and does not interfere with sleep.

Here is a blog with additional tips to make the reading experience with a chronic illness a pleasant one!

5. Hot and Cold Soothing Products


The Huggaroo brand has beautifully made products that we have fallen in love with. The top quality, the bright colors, the variety of products, they have it all! They are a surefire way how to help someone with migraine. Here are only a few of our favorites, but you can find a lot more on

  • Huggaroo Microwaveable Neck Wrap – this can serve as a microwavable heating pad or a cold compress.
  • Huggaroo Migraine Hat – this is a microwaveable hat which is mainly used for hot therapy. It is versatile and can also be used for cold therapy if necessary. However, the cooling action is mild and lasts only 5-10 minutes; it is a secondary, bonus feature.  It’s made of ultra plush minky fabric and filled with clay beads, flaxseeds, and 100% natural dried herbs (lavender, peppermint, chamomile, and lemongrass).
  • Huggaroo Ice Head Wrap – this wrap is used for cold therapy only. If ice provides relief during a migraine attack, this is a product for you. The hat contains 9 gel ice packs which provide long-lasting cooling action and remain flexible even when frozen. The hat is made from soft and plush fabric.
  • Huggaroo Eye Mask- Is a soothing warm or cold compress for the eyes. It’s super soft, a little weighted and the removeable gel insert can be frozen for comforting relief.


  • Koldtec Ice HALO– ⁣⁣ Targeted cold therapy for migraine is hard not to love. The material is thin, soft and stretchy. It’s super lightweight to wear. The engineered ice inserts are soft and comfortable to lay down on. The ice inserts start as powder that you soak and then freeze so you’re also in control of the thickness of the ice. It’s sleep approved and can slide down over your eyes. It’s also glasses friendly with a very low profile velcro closure for an adjustable fit. It includes many ice inserts and inside pockets so you can adjust “the coldness” based on your personal preference. And you can switch packets out if it gets too warm. Get 10% off with code MIGRAINESTRONG.
  • Koldtec Ice towel– This towel is SO lovely. If you are sensitive to the heat it’s a must have. It also includes engineered ice inserts that start as powder. You soak (the longer you soak the thicker they get) and freeze them. Then insert them into a pocket that wraps the back of your neck keeping you cool on even the hottest days. It comes with extra packs you can keep in your cooler and switch out when it becomes too warm. Get 10% off with code MIGRAINESTRONG.

ReLeaf Pack

The ReLeaf pack is weighted cold therapy. It’s an eco friendly vegan product, made with locally sourced, all-natural dried bean-blend filler and does not contain chemicals or gels. This flexible cold pack comes in a variety of fun fabrics to choose from.

You’re sure to find one you love. Some even come with mini (buddy) versions that would be great for kids with migraine. I chose a fabric called Cinderella and it’s as dreamy as it sounds. It’s high on the list of best gifts for migraine suffers. (Get 20% off with code Migrainestrong.)

6. Natural Wellness Products

Saje Natural Wellness

Saje products have no artificial fragrances, parabens, silicone, or SLS. Just pure nature and we love them. The Head Soother kit includes the Peppermint Halo Oil Blend, Peppermint Halo Wand, and Stress Release Mist.

The Peppermint Halo Wand allows for precision application of peppermint oil to the scalp for those times when allodynia is just over the top! We find this to be a superb application process and the oil is so wonderfully bright and cold. We love it!! They sell a scalp massage tool that’s delightful as well.

Just thinking of Saje makes us feel soothed. This is certainly how to help someone with migraine feel better.


Blisslets– creates beautiful, nausea relief bracelets that work by delivering pressure through an inner bead embedded in their comfortable elastic bands that place pressure on the P6 point located between the two central tendons below the wrist.

We’re excited to recommend an effective remedy for those who suffer nausea and vomiting with attacks and also for our members with vestibular migraine who experience motion sensitivity and nausea as a result of dizziness. We love that they offer bracelets for both men and women and they’re so gorgeous no one will even know you’re wearing a migraine treatment!

Enter code MIGRAINESTRONG15 to receive 15% off your purchase.

Forces Of Nature

We have been using the Forces of Nature product line for quite some time. When the symptoms of migraine start creeping up my neck, I immediately reach for the Migraine Rollerball or Back Pain Rollerball applicator and use it on my neck and temples. I even have my daughter using it with great success as well. The light fresh scent is very discreet and can easily be used at work or school. Check out the entire product line. You won’t be disappointed!!
(Get 20% off with code NatureMS19)

7. Heated Throw or Blanket

With ice on the head, there’s nothing better than curling up in a warm throw on the couch to stay cozy. This Sunbeam heated throw will provide warmth and relaxation. You can even buy a heated blanket for a bed like this SoftHeat by Perfect Fit if sleeping with ice packs is the norm. We also really enjoy this weighted heating pad by Pure Enrichment.

8. The Gift of Books & Migraine Education

The Dizzy Cookbook is a great resource for migraine patients! The book features more than 90 delicious recipes and dozens of helpful tips to help combat migraine symptoms through diet and lifestyle.

The Heal Your Headache book has helped so many of the members of Migraine Strong begin to take control of their migraine. We can’t recommend this book enough.

Victory Over Vestibular Migraine is a new book by Dr. Shin Beh. He offers so many practical solutions to treating vestibular migraine. Those who have vestibular migraine feel like they have a champion in Dr. Beh! This could be THE best gift for migraine suffers if the type they have is mainly vestibular migraine.

A Pass to The Migraine World Summit– could honestly be life changing for anyone who suffers from migraine. When joining the migraine world summit you’ll have access to the world-leading migraine experts, doctors and specialists where you’ll learn what they do to treat migraine disease.

9. Guided Meditation Subscription

Meditation can be an effective tool when dealing with migraine. We often recommend Calm to the members in our Migraine Strong Facebook group. It’s an app for sleep, meditation and relaxation. You can even fall asleep to Mathew McConaughey telling you a bedtime story. Additional popular guided meditation subscriptions are Insight Timer, Headspace and Breethe.

10. PureWine Products

wine filled glasses using The Wand by PureWine to have wine without migraine

It is no surprise that PureWine made it to our list of top 10 gift ideas for people with migraine. These products have been a life changer for us and many members in our Migraine Strong Facebook Group.

PureWine products allow many people with migraine to be able to enjoy wine again. The Wand and The Wave were designed to remove sulfites (which are present in all wines–even wines labeled “no added sulfites”) and histamines that prevent a majority of people from fully enjoying their wine experience. Here is our blog which explains these products in greater detail.

You can purchase The Wand and The Wave at this link at 15% off with code: migrainestrong or Pink30 for 30% off on Pink 4 packs for stocking stuffers.

Bonus! Support Migraine Strong Members!!

Migraine Strong is a community of people who have pulled together over the past 4 years to support each other and help lift each other up. In keeping with that tradition, we’d like to mention a couple of small businesses owned and operated by Migraine Strong members. Supporting them is supporting one of our own! And their products are perfect gifts for others with migraine as well!!

Water Processed Coffee

For a coffee lover, this would make the best gift! Coffee can be a trigger for many people with migraine. Here is a blog that discusses why caffeine can trigger migraine attacks. Unfortunately, regular decaf coffee is processed with chemicals and it still contains caffeine.

The most recommended type of decaf is Swiss Water-Processed coffee. It is highly regulated to be 99.9% caffeine free.

Farm House Coffee Roasters has a great selection of water-processed decaf coffee and it is delicious! It is owned by Migraine Strong’s very own, Andrew Newell. Farm House Coffee Roasters is a certified organic micro-roastery located in Winterport, Maine. To receive 15% off your purchase, enter code: #migrainestrong.

And don’t forget to grab a coffee mug or this awesome Yeti Rambler to give together as a complete gift.

Hand Crafted CBD Products

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is a naturally occurring compound in cannabis and hemp. The CBD molecule interacts with receptors throughout the body to produce a variety of physiological effects.

Primal Botanicals is owned by a long time Migraine Strong group member, Annika McCann, who lives in Vermont and suffers from migraine herself. She is a Registered Nurse and clinical herbalist who handcrafts these certified organic CBD products. Annika knows how to help someone with migraine!

Not sure about gift ideas for someone with migraine? The Head and Neck CBD Rub is particularly lovely and I can’t wait to get my UPLIFT – CBD Mineral Soak and Lavender – Citrus CBD Body Butter. To receive 10% off your purchase enter code: STRONG10.

Gift Ideas Not To Give People With Migraine

If you are shopping for a gift for someone with migraine keep in mind that some things can actually trigger an attack. Although triggers are individual, it is better to avoid the following: 

  • Products with scents and fragrances such as perfume, candles, and scented lotions;  
  • Tickets to events which could cause sound or light sensitivities;
  • Products that create flashing lights and noise;
  • Food products, as many foods can be considered a trigger;

We hope that this holiday season will allow you and your loved ones to spend quality time and enjoy each other. Although gifts are part of the long time tradition, nothing says “I care about you” like a phone call or a random act of kindness. We also hope that these gift ideas will make the shopping process easier for you when you are shopping for someone with migraine.

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Top 10 Gift Ideas For People With Migraine

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