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Migraine Healthline: A New App For Migraine

This article is sponsored by our partner, Healthline. Migraine Healthline, is the newest app that connects people with migraine. Download your free Migraine Healthline app here

Before we found each other and created Migraine Strong, all five of us came to a point in our migraine journeys where we wanted to find others who understood what we were going through. While our families and friends are wonderfully supportive, it is different when you find others that experience what you do every day. There is a feeling of instant camaraderie when someone says ‘I know exactly what you mean.’ Through the years, we have become each other’s migraine buddies, partners, and friends. We have been there for each other through countless migraine attacks, personal triumphs and loss…and we only grow stronger. We know the value of having a community around us for support. With that being said…

Migraine App 

blond woman sitting cross legged using Migraine Healthline App

Migraine Strong is excited to announce that we are partnering with Healthline to launch their new Migraine Healthline App! This new app will provide an online migraine community a place to share experiences and knowledge. The app also offers to connect you with others via a ‘daily match’ option based on age and other interests that you choose. You can set up an ice breaker question that can help you get the conversation started. This is a great opportunity to start building your own circle of migraine buddies! 

Your Profile

When you download the Healthline Migraine App you can set up a profile with as much (or as little) detailed information as you like. It’s one of the things we like best. While the interface will feel familiar to other social media apps, it also seems less intrusive because it requires less information to become part of the community. 

Navigate The App

There are different areas in the Migraine Healthline App that you may want to explore right away!

Migraine Healthline app
Migraine Healthline App

Groups – Where you can find different channels that may interest you and engage in discussion with others. We are especially excited about the Inspiration and Lifestyle Channels!

Members – The app matches members together based on similar interests and encourages them to chat. This is a feature that you have an option to turn off if you wish. 

Messages – Where you can find your messages with other members.

Discover – Where you can discover great articles from Healthline and other trusted sources (and yes! You will find Migraine Strong here!!)

Live Chats

There will also be Live Chats several nights a week to discuss different topics which will led by the Migraine Healthline Guide (our very own Eileen Zollinger!) and frequently co-hosted with other well known members of the migraine community. Discussing these topics and questions in real time will be like having our own social circle of friends that all just…you know…get it.

The Migraine Healthline App is a place where our migraine community can connect with each other to share our experiences, lend support, and advice. The app is connecting people with migraine so that we are no longer isolated with our disease. We are excited to share our journey inside the app with you!

The Migraine Healthline App was just launched so make sure to download the free app here! Come and join the migraine community today and we’ll see you there!

two women us the Migraine Healthline app to chat

Migraine Healthline: A New App For Migraine

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