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    Turmeric for Migraines – Surprising Supplement to Consider

    The benefits of turmeric are often praised for its potent anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, cancer and pain fighting properties. But, what about turmeric for migraines? Migraine disease is largely genetic and is not often connected with inflammation. But, there is increasing interest in the area and a bit of emerging research that points to a neurogenic inflammatory response during attacks. So it makes sense that treating the neuroinflammatory response may prove to be a benefit in managing migraine. (1.) Stay with me to learn more about turmeric for migraines. I hope it helps you decide if it’s a good treatment strategy option for you.

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    Migraine and Fatigue: Tips to Increase Energy Now

    If you have migraine and fatigue you’re not alone. Fatigue is one of the most common invisible symptoms of migraine. It has been found to occur in as many as 70% of migraine patients. (1) To make things more complicated fatigue can trigger a migraine attack, though it most often comes as a result of one. Fatigue is more than the tiredness that someone without chronic illness feels after a hard workout or a long day at the office. Fatigue is also not just sleepiness. It can’t be alleviated by a good night’s sleep. It’s muscle weakness, a deep lack of energy, alertness and strength. Migraine and fatigue are always…

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    Essential Oils for Headaches- An Informative Guide

    Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts made from any part of a plant including leaves, stems, bark, roots and rinds. Makers use many different methods such as cold pressing and steam distillation to reduce them to concentrated oils that capture their scent. The benefits of these plant essences include congestion relief, pain reduction, feelings of wellness, relaxation and more. This guide will not promise you a magic cure to your migraine disease by using essential oils for headaches. Instead, it will show you the very useful place they hold in our migraine relief tool kits. While they can’t control our disease, they can help to ease the symptoms of…

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    Headache and Hair Loss- Smart Strategies To Help You Look Your Best

    When I first got sick with vestibular migraine, to say I was suffering is an understatement. I couldn’t function. I couldn’t move through space without feeling like I was whirling. Feeling too much movement is indescribably hideous. It leaves you feeling exhausted, dizzy, nauseous and disoriented. Even sitting perfectly still, I felt rocking, dropping and swaying sensations. My eyes couldn’t focus on moving objects. I tried to be strong in front of those I love, but I was seriously depressed. I cried every single day while I was alone. Who would have thought I’d have to consider needing help for headache and hair loss. The toll vestibular migraine placed on…

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    Best Tea for Migraine: Check Out Our Top Picks

    OK, I know what you’re thinking…tea for migraine? Insert eye roll right? But hear me out here. I do understand the seriousness of our neurological disease. After spending MANY months housebound due to the ongoing dizziness caused by vestibular migraine, I understand how debilitating it can be as well. So I am not touting tea for migraine as our miracle cure. Tea is not going to magically make your neurological disease go away, but it can help ease some of its symptoms.

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    Books about Migraine that will Motivate you to Take Control Now

    There is no question that migraine is a disease that occurs on a spectrum. Some people experience chronic daily symptoms while others get attacks just a few times a year. So each of us experience migraine disease differently. Yet, all of us want to be sure it impacts our life as little as possible. Learning everything you can about treatment, triggers and managing symptoms can lessen its impact on your life and empower you to take control over your symptoms. I’ve compiled a list of books about migraine as educational resources to help you do just that.

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    5 Migraine Natural Treatments that Actually Work

    Medically reviewed by Danielle Aberman Registered Dietitian (RD). Let me start by saying as someone diagnosed with both vestibular migraine and Meniere’s disease I believe in medication. I personally take preventative medication daily and also use abortive and rescue medication as needed. So there will be no medication shaming happening here. I understand people with chronic pain and vestibular disease need them. That said, those with migraine have to watch how often we reach for our abortive and rescue medications to avoid rebound or medication overuse headache. So having effective migraine natural treatments to reach for in our migraine toolkit is essential. Here are five migraine natural treatments that are…

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    Allay Lamp: Green Light Therapy for Vestibular Migraine

    When I first saw the Allay Green Light for migraine relief I’m going to admit, I was a bit skeptical. When you see an ad for it scroll across your Facebook newsfeed, it hurts your eyes a little to look at it. Rest assured that green light you see through your computer screen is not the light emitted from the lamp. The Allay light bulb contains no color mingling or color interference like on your computer screen or phone. It’s a pure, flicker-free light that’s gentler than every other light. As I read positive reviews and learned who developed the lamp, it definitely started to spark my interest. I wondered…

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    Dizziness Relief Tips: Advice from Vestibular Patients

    Dizziness relief is something we all need because one of the hardest parts about living with a vestibular disorder is dealing with daily dizziness. For starters, it’s a terribly unpleasant and unsettling sensation. Feeling it daily is exhausting more than most people know. Because our brains use so much energy in attempting to compensate for dizziness. ‘Dizzy’ is also an all-encompassing word to describe the many types of symptoms we experience. Our dizziness can include general imbalance, rocking and swaying, dropping and bouncing sensations or full on whirling vertigo. With that line up of dizzy symptoms it’s important to have an arsenal of treatment options ready to bring you relief.…

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    The Vestibular Migraine and Meniere’s Disease Connection Explained

    Migraine disease (MD) occurs on a spectrum, so much so that even people within the same family, with the same genes experience a very different variety and severity of migraine symptoms. Dr. Michael Teixido who is an otolaryngologist with a special interest in advancing the study of conditions that affect hearing and balance, says dizziness and vertigo symptoms occur in about 25% of migraine patients. That breaks down to about 3 in 100 people. Yet, in my primary care physician’s office, I am her only patient diagnosed with vestibular migraine (VM) and I live in a very densely populated county in Florida. For me this points to a problem of…