• Jenn after her migraine recovery
    Vertigo,  Vestibular Migraine

    The Vestibular Migraine Recovery Plan that Ended My Daily Dizziness

    Most people consider migraine to be a terrible headache that lasts a couple of hours and then the person recovers and feels better. But, that’s far from the reality of what it’s like living with migraine disease. Migraine is actually a neurological condition that along with intense head pain causes the brain to have an inappropriate response to stimuli also called triggers. Stimuli include lights, sounds, scents, hormones, weather, sleep disturbances, stress, dehydration, chemicals in foods and in the environment and so much more. These factors are easily ignored by those without migraine, but for those with migraine, it can feel like an assault to our senses and create debilitating…

  • Depression,  Migraine

    12 Strategies to Cope with Depression and Isolation with the Stay at Home Order

    Most of us have been living under safer at home orders for over a month now. You only have to read recent posts from your friends on Facebook to understand our emotional response to stay at home orders along with our sense of danger varies widely from person to person. Yet, even if you’re completely healthy these orders can have negative effects. For those with migraine, negative thoughts that cycle into depression and anxiety can trigger more frequent attacks. While it’s the first time any of us have ever experienced anything like this, it’s not the first time the world has dealt with quarantine. We need strategies to help us…

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    Cold,  Flu,  Migraine

    Managing Migraine During Coronavirus, Cold & Flu Season

    Cold and flu season comes around every year generally running from about Thanksgiving to Easter. As it reaches it’s peak here in the US along with the new, Coronavirus, it’s important to focus on prevention and safe treatment. When you have migraine disease, adding an additional illness on top of it can definitely complicate things. Developing tools for migraine and flu relief is the key. Cold and flu symptoms entwined with migraine make body aches, brain fog and fatigue unbearable. So knowing how to work through both illnesses at the same time is necessary.  The last thing you want to do is unknowingly trigger a migraine attack while trying to…

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    Meniere's Disease,  Tinnitus,  Vestibular Migraine

    The Tinnitus and Migraines Link: Simple Strategies to Help You Tune It Out

    Tinnitus Awareness Week ran from February 3rd – 9th 2020. As it comes to a close let’s help shine a light on this distressing condition by defining it and discussing strategies to foster hope. Tinnitus is the perception of hearing noise in your ears when no external sound is present. It has been experienced by about 45 million Americans according to the American Tinnitus Association. Making it one of the most common health concerns in the United States. Tinnitus is not a condition itself, but a symptom of another condition like Migraines, Meniere’s Disease, noise exposure or injury. In many cases an exact cause is never found. It’s often described…

  • Meniere's Disease,  Migraine,  Vertigo,  Vestibular Migraine

    11 Essential Items to Keep in Your Migraine Relief Kit

    When you’re diagnosed with migraine, it’s always there, lurking in the background. Whether you’re at work, out with your friends, on a date night or relaxing at home an attack can strike anywhere. The best way to keep migraine from worsening or becoming a runaway attack is to treat it early, at the very first sign of symptoms. As this new year begins, consider making it a priority to be prepared in any circumstance by creating a migraine attack relief kit. Then tuck it away in your purse or car so you’re always ready to take action. Admin of Migraine Strong are often asked what we reach for in our…

  • Migraine,  Nausea,  Vestibular Migraine

    Migraine Nausea: 15 Tips to Help You Find Relief Now

    Nausea, that awful uneasiness you feel in your tummy is certainly one of the most uncomfortable symptoms that often tags along with the intense pain associated with migraine attacks.  It can occur quickly when you’re feeling the sudden dizziness of vestibular migraine attacks as well.  Nausea begins in the brain, stimulates our nervous system and causes our stomach muscles to dysfunction resulting in nausea. We’ll do anything to make it go away right? For the best success, you’ll want to treat it early, at the very first twinge of symptoms.  Read on for a list of 15 nausea relief tips to help you manage this hideous symptom so you begin…

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    Meniere's Disease,  Vestibular Migraine

    Meniere’s Disease: Finding Hope After My Second Vestibular Diagnosis

    As an administrator of Migraine Strong Facebook Group, there is a little internal pressure to always be in control of my symptoms. I feel like it’s my job to feel good and to help others do the same. But, the truth is, I’m not always in control and I don’t always feel good.  Just like you, I am constantly fighting to suppress my vestibular migraine symptoms. There are days when I feel great and it feels easy and other days when it’s so hard I wonder if I can continue doing it. While Migraine Strong writes about the latest in migraine treatments, this is not medical advice. We are patient…

  • woman meditating on dock with migraine & anxiety
    Anxiety,  Migraine

    Migraine and Anxiety: Tips to Stop Feeling Anxious Now

    As I sit down to write this, I am experiencing a little migraine and anxiety myself. Over the last few weeks I’ve been feeling vertigo spins just before I wake up in the morning nearly every day.  I’ve also felt pressure changes and wisps of wind going through my right ear.  These are not normal VM symptoms for me. It occurred to me this morning that these are the exact symptoms I was experiencing just before my first vestibular migraine attack that left me housebound for months leaving me worrying that another big event is coming. I’m not sure I’ll ever get over the fear of ending up as bad…

  • I followed a migraine elimination diet and here are my thoughts on if it's worth it. #migraine #migraines #migraineremedies
    Diet,  Heal Your Headache,  Migraine,  Vestibular Migraine

    I Followed a Migraine Elimination Diet: Here’s What Happened

    What is an Elimination Diet? Diet affects the frequency and severity of migraine symptoms in some people. The purpose of an elimination diet is to reduce your exposure to controllable triggers. I’m certain you know there are some common triggers that are unavoidable like hormones, weather, sensory stimulus and so on. Yet common food triggers can be avoided in an attempt to reduce our trigger load and to raise our migraine threshold resulting in better control over symptoms for some.    There are many elimination diets out there to choose from. Most members of Migraine Strong follow The Heal Your Headache Diet created by David Buchholz or The Charleston Diet…

  • Sleep,  Tinnitus,  Vertigo,  Vestibular Migraine

    Smart Strategies to Help Ease Sleeping Challenges with Vestibular Migraine

    A Vestibular Migraine diagnosis can add challenges to getting quality sleep.  As a result, sensitivity to movement, tinnitus and vertigo all hinder quality sleep. Read on to learn some usable tips for dealing with these troublesome symptoms while encouraging your best rest. ** While Migraine Strong writes about the latest in migraine treatments, this is not medical advice. We are patient educators and all information you read should be discussed with your doctor. What to do about tinnitus Many VMers in our closed Facebook group Migraine Strong reported having difficulty falling asleep due to tinnitus (ear ringing) that is particularly bothersome when it’s quiet. While it goes against other sleep advice,…