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    The CoQ10 Migraine Connection – All You Need to Know

    We have written a great deal about the benefits of magnesium, ginger, melatonin, turmeric and other proven natural migraine remedies. This article will explore the CoQ10 migraine link to help you understand its potential to help you find consistent relief. A study from 2021 looked at 6 small studies evaluating coQ10 for migraine. The studies differed in several ways including the coQ10 migraine dose provided, but the reviewers noted some positive conclusions from the data.

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    ACT Therapy For Migraine Relief Now

    Chronic illness of any kind is a challenging human experience that no one wants. As human beings this may be part of our lived experience. Chronic, defined as lasting for a long-time, with repeated occurrences and ongoing need for treatment, can be a defeating, scary word. There are various levels of chronic illness. You will find as you read this article how I have grown to view chronic migraine. Before we discuss ACT Therapy for migraine, let's understand more about frequent and chronic migraine.

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    Everything You Need To Know About Gua Sha Massage for Migraine

    Have you heard about Gua sha for migraine? Gua sha also called scraping therapy is a therapeutic, tool assisted type of massage. This healing technique has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for migraines for centuries. It’s most commonly used for conditions of chronic pain making it a good fit for many of us with migraine disease. During treatment a smooth edged tool is used to scrape your skin. While the first thought of it may seem hokey, it’s actually a relaxing massage therapy technique that offers many benefits for those with migraine.

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    Natural Remedies for Dizziness Relief That You Need to Know

    One of the hardest parts about living with a vestibular disorder is dealing with constant dizziness. It’s such a terribly unpleasant and unsettling sensation. Feeling dizziness daily is exhausting more than most people know. Our brains use so much energy in attempting to compensate for dizziness. Did you know doctors actually consider 'Dizzy' to be an all-encompassing, vague word to describe the many types of symptoms we experience. Dizziness can include anything from feeling faint, disorientation, general imbalance, rocking and swaying, dropping and bouncing sensations to full on whirling vertigo. I'm hoping the many natural remedies for dizziness relief discussed here will help ease all of these symptoms for you.

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    The Melatonin Migraine Connection -The Facts

    Migraine statistics are eye-opening. Globally, over one billion people are living with migraine. Overwhelmingly, those with migraine have not been properly diagnosed or treated. This leaves most people searching for effective relief with little to no negative side effects. Maybe you are looking to avoid taking a prescribed medication? Or, you might be frustrated that you aren’t getting enough relief from your current prescription or over-the-counter remedy? Can melatonin treat and prevent migraine? Could melatonin be the answer for you?

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    Vitamin D and Migraine – Evidence and Answers You Must Know

    Vitamin D has been getting a lot of attention over the past few years. This is because much of the general public is low in this important nutrient. But what about those of us with primary headache disorders? Can low Vitamin D cause headaches (tension-type headaches)? We all know that migraine is more than a headache. But what evidence is there about the relationship between Vitamin D and migraine? According to an observational study, approximately 42% of people with chronic migraine were considered deficient in Vitamin D. What's also eye-opening was that the longer the person was chronic, the more likely they were to be low.

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    Yoga for Migraine – Calming Your Nervous System, Boosting Your Mood

    Ahh…that post-yoga high. You feel a deep sense of calm after practicing yoga for migraine. Your neck feels more relaxed. Even the pain in your head feels less intense compared to when you first started your practice. Life feels more manageable all of a sudden. That nervous anxiety you felt just twenty minutes ago has been replaced by a sense of profound peace. You feel empowered to manage your life with migraine with the power of yoga.