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    The Best Pillow For Migraine and Headaches- Reviews and Info You Need

    Are you ready for some pillow talk? Specifically about the best pillows for migraine and headaches? The best pillow for migraine and headaches is an often debated topic online, with good reason. With many of us finding ourselves in bed to weather the storm of a migraine attack, we need a comfortable and supportive pillow. However, as we are all unicorns, there doesn’t appear to be one best pillow for migraine and headaches. We have compiled some recommendations from our private Facebook group and through personal research on the topic. The list below contains the current recommendations from our community. 

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    Vitamin D and Migraine – Evidence and Answers You Must Know

    Vitamin D has been getting a lot of attention over the past few years. This is because much of the general public is low in this important nutrient. But what about those of us with primary headache disorders? Can low Vitamin D cause headaches (tension-type headaches)? We all know that migraine is more than a headache. But what evidence is there about the relationship between Vitamin D and migraine? According to an observational study, approximately 42% of people with chronic migraine were considered deficient in Vitamin D. What's also eye-opening was that the longer the person was chronic, the more likely they were to be low.

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    Smart Strategies to Help Ease Sleeping Challenges with Vestibular Migraine

    A Vestibular Migraine diagnosis can add challenges to getting quality sleep.  As a result, sensitivity to movement, tinnitus and vertigo all hinder quality sleep. Read on to learn some usable tips for dealing with these troublesome symptoms while encouraging your best rest. ** While Migraine Strong writes about the latest in migraine treatments, this is not medical advice. We are patient educators and all information you read should be discussed with your doctor. What to do about tinnitus Many VMers in our closed Facebook group Migraine Strong reported having difficulty falling asleep due to tinnitus (ear ringing) that is particularly bothersome when it’s quiet. While it goes against other sleep advice,…

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    Sleep: The Often Overlooked & Underrated Migraine Treatment

    The relationship between sleep and migraine is a complicated one. Too little sleep and also too much sleep can provoke symptoms. There are times when a migraine attack can happen while we’re sleeping causing us to wake up symptomatic. Yet other times, sleep can help us kick out an attack.  This means sleep can be both a trigger AND a treatment. According to The American Migraine Foundation people living with migraine are up to eight times more likely to have sleep problems than the general population making poor sleep a real risk factor. If we want to feel good and stay free of painful attacks, restful sleep is critically important.…