• Vestibular migraine is more than a headache. Find out the symptoms and tests that help diagnose this disorder. #vestibularmigraine
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    Vestibular Migraine (MAV) – More Than A Headache

    I often see people say “I can’t have Vestibular Migraine – I don’t get headaches”. In fact, those were the exact words I said to my ENT when I was originally diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic. What a lot of people fail to realize, myself included, is that there are many different types of migraine out there, and some of those can occur without any head pain at all. Vestibular migraine is one of the types that can occur with or without any pain. Also known as MAV or Migraine Associated Vertigo, it is a debilitating form of migraine that can manifest itself through odd symptoms like dizziness, ataxia, and…