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    Vegan Headaches and Migraine – What An Expert Wants You to Know

    Many people make the switch to a vegan diet because they want to be more mindful about their health. But did you know that some of your favorite vegan foods might actually be causing headaches and migraines? In this article, we will discuss what often causes headaches and migraines in vegans as well as how to make changes for relief. For those who are considering making a change to a vegan or plant-based diet, there is a great deal here for you, too.

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    How to Use Vestibular Suppressants to Best Treat Vestibular Migraine

    Living with a balance disorder like vestibular migraine interferes with our quality of life. Working, driving, our ability to participate in activities with friends and family and function in a way that allows us to simply enjoy life are all inhibited by uncomfortable and at times disabling symptoms. Because of this it’s important to seek treatment from a qualified vestibular specialist who can decipher between similar symptoms caused by very different balance disorders and begin proper treatment. Treatment depends on the underlying cause. But, the three cornerstone treatments specialists typically recommend to alleviate distressing vestibular symptoms are vestibular rehabilitation therapy, lifestyle changes and medication that may include vestibular suppressants.

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    Transient Aphasia and Migraine: What You Need to Know

    Transient aphasia is another symptom of migraine with aura that proves what the migraine community has been saying for years - Migraine is not just a bad headache. It is a neurological condition that affects many body systems. Including communication through written and spoken language. Transient aphasia is a neurological symptom that interferes with the ability to speak, write, read or even understand language. The inability to communicate can be a significant problem, especially if in the middle of a medical crisis such as stroke, head injury or migraine attack.

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    Practical Things You Must Know About Migraine and Medications

    For as long as I can remember, I have considered myself a headachy person. At some point the headaches progressed to migraine. Fortunately, for most of my life I had infrequent episodic migraine (EM). An attack would start, I’d treat it with ibuprofen and I was better in an hour. I sought treatment when I began losing a few days per month to terrible attacks that didn’t respond to over-the-counter (OTC) remedies. Over time, my frequency of attacks increased and I “chronified” while under the care of my well-intentioned primary care physicians. 

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    An Athlete’s Migraine Journey and Life Lessons

    Many people believe athletes, like me, are indestructible. We train every day for long hours and monitor our food intake. So yes, of course, we are in great shape. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have some physical constraints or sometimes debilitating moments. Unfortunately for me and those athletes who are also migraine warriors, this experience isn’t a one time or a couple month or year-long rehab. Managing migraine is a daily, conscious effort to try to be okay.

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    Melatonin for Migraine Relief -Does Science Support It?

    Migraine statistics are eye-opening. Globally, over one billion people are living with migraine. Overwhelmingly, those with migraine have not been properly diagnosed or treated. This leaves most people searching for effective relief with little to no negative side effects. Maybe you are looking to avoid taking a prescribed medication? Or, you might be frustrated that you aren’t getting enough relief from your current prescription or over-the-counter remedy? Can melatonin treat and prevent migraine? Could melatonin be the answer for you?

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    The Migraine Tinnitus Link: Simple Strategies to Help Tune It Out

    Tinnitus is the perception of hearing noise in your ears when no external sound is present. Tinnitus is a symptom of another condition like Migraine, Meniere’s Disease, noise exposure or injury. In many cases an exact cause is never found. It’s often described as ringing, but it can also sound like hissing, buzzing, clicking, whooshing, roaring and other sounds. Tinnitus pitch and volume often fluctuates. It can be present all the time or it may come and go. There is a migraine tinnitus link although researchers are uncertain why. It may be the result of abnormal neural activity that happens before, during and after migraine attacks.

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    Migraine Forecast – What You Need To Know About Weather

    Reviewing a weather forecast could be more accurately described as reviewing a potential migraine forecast. When so many different types of weather can be responsible for triggering a migraine attack, checking this migraine forecast can help you plan for what the day might bring.  Weather-related migraine triggers are wide and varied. Most people aren’t affected by all of them, but there are usually a couple of situations that will trigger those that are sensitive to weather. 

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    Fish Oil and Migraine-Can it Really Help?

    When it comes to migraine, we are so focused on figuring out our bedeviling culprits. Food triggers are often tricky and can turn into an obsession for some. So, the recent study about fish oil and migraine was welcomed news as the focus shifted in a wonderful way. Instead of telling us about what foods we should avoid, it informed us about what we probably should eat to help minimize the frequency and intensity of migraine episodes.