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    Migraine Nausea: 15 Tips to Help You Find Relief Now

    Nausea, that awful uneasiness you feel in your tummy is certainly one of the most uncomfortable symptoms that often tags along with the intense pain associated with migraine attacks.  It can occur quickly when you’re feeling the sudden dizziness of vestibular migraine attacks as well.  Nausea begins in the brain, stimulates our nervous system and causes our stomach muscles to dysfunction resulting in nausea. We’ll do anything to make it go away right? For the best success, you’ll want to treat it early, at the very first twinge of symptoms.  Read on for a list of 15 nausea relief tips to help you manage this hideous symptom so you begin…

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    Books about Migraine that will Motivate you to Take Control Now

    There is no question that migraine is a disease that occurs on a spectrum. Some people experience chronic daily symptoms while others get attacks just a few times a year. So each of us experience migraine disease differently. Yet, all of us want to be sure it impacts our life as little as possible. Learning everything you can about treatment, triggers and managing symptoms can lessen its impact on your life and empower you to take control over your symptoms. I’ve compiled a list of books about migraine as educational resources to help you do just that.

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    Top 10 Gift Ideas For People With Migraine

    As the holidays are approaching, it’s time to start thinking about holiday shopping. Many people, especially those of us with migraine or other chronic illnesses find holiday shopping overwhelming and stressful. How to help someone with migraine as well as ourselves is often a question.Shopping online for gifts and having a list with gift ideas, however, is a way to make the shopping experience more pleasant despite living with migraine.Here is an easy guide full of Migraine Strong favorites that would make the perfect gifts for people with migraine. If you or your loved one has migraine, we hope that this list of top 10 gift ideas will make your…

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    My Story – The Long Road to Vestibular Migraine Diagnosis, Treatment Plan and Hope

    New Yok City, November 2017: It was the week of Thanksgiving. Luckily I had a few days off of work as I came down with a really bad cold. Fever, chills, achiness, the whole shebang. I was so sore and fatigued that I couldn’t get out of bed at times. I vividly remember my eyeballs being really sore. It hurt to move my eyes from side to side or up and down.

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    Ocular Migraine – Bringing Facts Into Focus

    Migraine aura can be a visual symptom that accompanies a migraine attack. Maybe you have heard of scintillating scotoma? Perhaps you heard of this term for migraine aura while you were browsing a website, or maybe your doctor mentioned it to you. What is it? What does it look like? Can it cause permanent vision loss? Is it an ocular migraine? If you are looking for answers to questions like these, you have come to the right place. Let’s dive into it.

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    5 Migraine Natural Treatments that Actually Work

    Let me start by saying as someone diagnosed with both vestibular migraine and Meniere’s disease I believe in medication. I personally take preventative medication daily and also use abortive and rescue medication as needed. So there will be no medication shaming happening here. I understand people with chronic pain and vestibular disease need them. That said, those with migraine have to watch how often we reach for our abortive and rescue medications to avoid rebound or medication overuse headache. So having effective migraine natural treatments to reach for in our migraine toolkit is essential. Here are five migraine natural treatments that are effective in managing my symptoms. My Top 5…

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    Exploring Different Types of Migraine and Headaches – Compare Your Symptoms

    There are many different types of migraine or headache disorders. The list of different types of migraine and headache disorders is below with their typical symptoms as well. Because many of them overlap, or for the overachievers who have multiple different types of headache, it’s best to get diagnosed by a headache specialist.

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    Migraine and Constipation – Approved Advice About What To Do

    Constipation and I go way back. We have been lifelong companions though not friends. I can confidently say that after decades, I now have the upper-hand and rarely fall into the “strained” relationship. OK, pardon the pun. As a registered dietitian, I am sure that my professional and personal experience can help you with migraine and constipation.

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    Allay Lamp: Green Light Therapy for Vestibular Migraine

    When I first saw the Allay Green Light for migraine relief I’m going to admit, I was a bit skeptical. When you see an ad for it scroll across your Facebook newsfeed, it hurts your eyes a little to look at it. Rest assured that green light you see through your computer screen is not the light emitted from the lamp. The Allay light bulb contains no color mingling or color interference like on your computer screen or phone. It’s a pure, flicker-free light that’s gentler than every other light. As I read positive reviews and learned who developed the lamp, it definitely started to spark my interest. I wondered…