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The Migraine World Summit- Expertise You Should Not Miss

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Please excuse me while I geek-out a little.  It’s time for the Migraine World Summit 2020!  For those of you who have participated in previous events, here’s your link to register right now as you know you don’t want to miss it.  Click-click-click because it’s only 4 weeks away!

For those of you not familiar with it, the Migraine World Summit (MWS) is an annual online event that you don’t want to miss.  You get to see and hear expert doctors, researchers and patient advocates discuss topics that we are all hungry to learn about. We all want to know what is next for us and how we can get better. Scratch that. We all want to THRIVE in spite of migraine and the best part is you watch the program from the privacy and comfort of your own home.  The experienced, professional interviewers have had their own battles with migraine and will ask many questions that you and I would like answers to. 

This year they have 32 experts that will share their knowledge with us. In the past, each expert has been passionate about addressing your questions and concerns. I’m sure the program this year will not disappoint because it never does.   

If you are curious about how valuable the program was in 2019, this is a nice recap of some highlights from Jennifer Bragdon.

Migraine World Summit Schedule

The schedule has all the details, but I’d like to share with you some of the interviews I am most excited about first.

My Pick of Favs:

CBD oil and migraine is getting more and more attention.  Dr. Silberstein from Jefferson Headache Center will cover this topic and I’m sure it will be a very popular one.  State laws are changing and access is improving. This topic is on Day 6.

Almost each day I see someone ask the question, “Can concussion cause migraine?”  Dr. Minen of NYU Langone Medical Center will speak about this important topic on Day 2.  It may be especially interesting for parents of kids in sports who have post- concussion migraine.  Last year, neither pediatric migraine treatment nor head trauma and migraine were covered so I’ll be eagerly watching.

Here at Migraine Strong we are often discussing natural supplements for migraines so we are thrilled that Dr. Mauskop of the New York Headache center is back on the MWS this year, Day 6.  We talk about magnesium almost every day, but many people still don’t have it as part of their treatment plan.   I’m sure Dr. Mauskop will discuss the best magnesium supplement for migraines as well as give us updates on other important nutrients.

Lyn Griffiths from the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation is back to discuss genetics and migraine.  She plans on covering the MTHFR gene mutation and migraines.  I’m looking forward to hearing from her as there is controversy about testing for it as well as treating MTHFR with natural supplements for migraines.  She is a delight to listen to and I’m sure many will be interested in her topic.

Is migraine surgery safe?  What is migraine surgery? This is what Dr. Young from Jefferson Headache Center wants to help us understand of day 7.  I may be a little biased as he is my own doctor, but I think Dr. Young has a wonderful way of connecting with people and earning their trust.  He is a gem and an amazing advocate for us. I’m sure he will have some valuable insights, give his opinion on if the procedure is worthwhile and share some of his professional experiences with it.

Everyone should tune in to learn about migraine stress management on Day 6 when Dr. Wells of Wake Forest Baptist Health talks about mindfulness-based strategies.  Stress certainly does not cause migraine, but most of us are keenly aware of its role. 

As some of you may know, I’m a registered dietitian so I cannot conceal my excitement about Dr. Armand’s talk on Day 6. While we all know that there is no one migraine diet, I’m interested in what she has to say about the best diet for migraines.  Will she focus on foods that trigger migraines or an anti inflammatory diet for migraines?  Of course, I’ll tune-in for Dr. Martin’s talk on Day 5 about triggers such as weather, too.  He is from the University of Cincinnati Headache and Facial Pain Center. Day 5’s focus is migraine triggers.

Outstanding Speakers and Topics

Here’s a list of a few others interviews that I think will be worth watching a few times:

  • Common Traps of Chronic Migraine
  • Light Sensitivity and How to Manage It
  • Pros and Cons of Blocking CGRP
  • The Latest New Treatment Innovations
  • Hormonal Migraine
  • Status Migraine
  • Disabling Nausea and Cyclical Vomiting

There is so much more! I’ve mentioned less than half of the topics.  Go ahead and take a look at the Migraine World Summit Schedule to see what is most interesting to you.

Who is the Migraine World Summit for?

If you are reading this, you are probably who the MWS had in mind when they created the program.  You likely are being treated for a primary headache disorder.  Or, perhaps you are patiently awaiting an appointment with a neurologist or headache specialist so you can get a proper diagnosis and effective treatment plan.  This free, online program is for you if you are eager to figure out how to find lasting relief from debilitating attacks.

When are the dates?

The online event starts March 18th through 26th.  It is FREE throughout that time period.  Each day, the scheduled, recorded interviews are released to all those who have registered.  These videos may be watched for a full 24 hours.  The next day, another group of interviews is released for 24 hours.  This is how the content is delivered for the entire 9 days of programming.

Where does it all happen?

You watch the video recordings from wherever you wish.  The link to register for the Migraine World Summit is here, but the interviews have taken place all over the world.  From Ohio to London to Brisbane.   

Is it worth buying or just watching it for free?

There are 3 different “passes” that you can buy starting at $79 (US dollars). When you purchase the least expensive pass to the Summit, you have unlimited access to all the interviews. 

When you buy the VIP Access Pass for $129 (US dollars), you get excellent Treatment Directory– A complete catalog of all the treatments discussed in the Migraine World Summit. It’s over 60 pages of highly valuable resources designed to help you get the best treatment available.

You also get a Treatment Guide of more than 100 treatments of evidence-based evaluations. I refer to these guide often. The supplement directory has been especially valuable. The Trigger Guide is also excellent for many of us sorting this complex condition out. And, the transcripts have come in very handy when I’m looking for information but I don’t have the time to listen to the entire interview.

Practically speaking, you may be interested in watching 4 or 5 interviews that all fall on the same day.  It may not be possible for you to watch them all. When you buy the program, you have full access to all of the interviews and can watch them as often as you wish.  Personally, I occasionally re-watch portions of the 2016 Summit.  It’s still relevant and interesting after 4 years.  If your budget allows, I believe buying the Migraine World Summit is so worth it.

Do you value organizations that support migraine research and advocacy groups? I do. According to the MWS website, they have donated over $20,000 from proceeds from sales of the program passes to migraine research and migraine groups.

Migraine Strong is an affiliate and makes a commission . However, this is not why we promote it. We promote it as we know that education and hope are critical to getting migraine minimized in our lives.

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My degree is in clinical nutrition and I’m a registered dietitian. I changed my career to focus only on helping people with migraine find relief and became a certified health and wellness coach to help me help my clients beyond just my expertise in food and nutrition. My fascination with diet, nutrition and migraine began when I made my condition worse by eating “clean and healthy.” This was mainly due to both rebound/medication-overuse headache and a diet high is beautiful, nutritious, wholesome food triggers. Implementing a comprehensive migraine elimination diet helped me dramatically. Continuing my research into diet, I transitioned to the Ketogenic diet which further improved my brain fog. My work with the Ketogenic diet for migraine relief has led me to working with one of the pioneers in reversing diabetes and obesity with Keto, Dr. Eric Westman. I love helping people take control of their wellness and get their lives back. For relaxation and enjoyment, I like to go on adventures with my family, spend time in the garden and cook for friends and family.

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