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    The Tinnitus and Migraines Link: Simple Strategies to Help You Tune It Out

    Tinnitus Awareness Week ran from February 3rd – 9th 2020. As it comes to a close let’s help shine a light on this distressing condition by defining it and discussing strategies to foster hope. Tinnitus is the perception of hearing noise in your ears when no external sound is present. It has been experienced by about 45 million Americans according to the American Tinnitus Association. Making it one of the most common health concerns in the United States. Tinnitus is not a condition itself, but a symptom of another condition like Migraines, Meniere’s Disease, noise exposure or injury. In many cases an exact cause is never found. It’s often described…

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    A Life Without Balance

    Imagine a life without balance…. It isn’t easy even if you try. Perhaps some may get a hint of it after a wild ride after an amusement park, but it’s impossible to try to understand what that’s like for someone to live through everyday.  Daily Symptoms You know that scene from The Sandlot where all the kids decide to dip before going on the spinning ride and then everyone starts to hurl? That’s one example that comes to mind when I attempt to describe a vertigo attack. Or if you’ve ever been on the ride The Haunted Mansion where things appear and disappear, change size, or seem out of place,…