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Come Find Community within the Migraine Healthline App

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This article is sponsored by our partner, Healthline. Migraine Healthline, is a new app that connects people with migraine. Download your free Migraine Healthline App

We have been working with Healthline since February to build a strong community within the Migraine Healthline App. This Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, we continue to join forces with Healthline to raise awareness and provide support for the migraine community. We have enjoyed spending time in the app. It is amazing to watch the community take shape and evolve. We see friendships blossom and watch people suffering with migraine reach out to others to lend a steadying hand. 

What We Love About The Migraine Healthline App:

  1. Live Chats – Each night, Sunday through Thursday (8pm ET/5pm PT), I host live chats to discuss topics near and dear to the hearts of the migraine community. We also have migraine leaders and experts from the migraine community come in to host live chats that cover topics like vestibular migraine, triggers, treating migraine attacks, what’s in our rescue kits, how to get better sleep and so much more. These live chats provide an opportunity to explore the intricacies of migraine. They are also offer a chance to ask questions and further our understanding of everything migraine.
  2. Discover – This section of the Migraine Healthline App offers great articles and is divided up into different sections based on topic. If you really want to read up on alternative therapies that work for migraine, there are articles broken out into a special section on these therapies. Or maybe you want to explore diet and nutrition, mental health or living with migraine…it’s all in there. There’s even a section for articles from Migraine Strong!!
  3. Daily Match – The daily match feature is one I haven’t seen anywhere else. Migraine Healthline App will help to match you with people that have a similar type of migraine and similar medications. You will be able to message these matched individuals to see if they would make a perfect migraine buddy. We all need those in our lives!! People who understand the nuances of migraine and just how hard it is to deal with and manage. (You can also turn this feature off if you choose.) 

These are just a few of the things that we love about the Migraine Healthline App. I hope you come and check it out. You can message me directly in the app to ask questions or just to say hi! The Live chats are full of information and camaraderie. This is a great place to hang out, lend advice and support and share experiences with others that totally understand. And it can be a bit more anonymous than Facebook. Be sure to introduce yourself if I know you from one of our other social media platforms!!

Download the free Migraine Healthline App. I can’t wait to see you there!

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Come Find Community within the Migraine Healthline App

I began having migraine attacks when I was a teenager, but was never properly diagnosed until I was an adult. This began 18 years where I was chronic and mostly intractable, resulting in a migrainous stroke in the summer of 2014. By implementing the protocols from the Heal Your Headache book by Dr. David Buchholz and the Migraine Strong Treatment Pie, I have been able to reduce my migraine frequency to episodic and maintain that since 2015. The end result of continuing to practice these tools is being able to actively participate in my life as a wife, mother, family member and friend. My goal as a migraine advocate, educator, and wellness coach is to help others gain more control over migraine. Let us know how we can help.

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