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    What is the Root Cause of Migraine?

    Back in my early days of episodic migraine I didn’t give much thought to the root cause of migraine attacks. It wasn’t until I had chronic migraine that I started to wonder what the heck was causing my once full life to get smaller and smaller.  I wanted to know what was wrong with my body so I could fix it. What was my root cause of migraine?

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    How to Sleep with Migraine Sleep Disorders

    Learning how to sleep with migraine can be difficult. Everyone who has migraine understands that symptoms are so much more than the head pain depicted in those annoying commercials where someone gets a little headache, takes an over the counter pill and moves on with their day. Migraine doesn’t work quite like that. It is a complicated neurological condition and brings complicated symptoms with it, even between attacks. While migraine begins in the brain its complexities involve many different systems in the body.  We can feel symptoms from our head to our toes. Migraine can affect our ears, eyes, digestion, blood pressure and heart rate and even parts of the…

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    Vitamin D and Migraine – Evidence and Answers You Must Know

    Vitamin D has been getting a lot of attention over the past few years. This is because much of the general public is low in this important nutrient. But what about those of us with primary headache disorders? Can low Vitamin D cause headaches (tension-type headaches)? We all know that migraine is more than a headache. But what evidence is there about the relationship between Vitamin D and migraine? According to an observational study, approximately 42% of people with chronic migraine were considered deficient in Vitamin D. What's also eye-opening was that the longer the person was chronic, the more likely they were to be low.

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    Sleep Apnea Headache and Migraine – What You Need to Know

    A few months ago, I had to admit to myself that I probably have sleep apnea headache. I cringe each time I think about it as I really don’t want to do a sleep study and worst of all, I don’t want to deal with a CPAP machine. In know, I know. There are other options but all I can envision is the sexiness of it all. So, thank you for listening to my pathetic confession. Yes, I’m a writer for Migraine Strong and I’ve always known that the answer to the question, can sleep apnea cause headaches and migraine. I have responded to hundreds of social media threads about…

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    The Best Pillow For Migraine- Essential Info and Reviews

    The best pillow for migraine is an often debated topic online. And with good reason. With many of us finding ourselves in bed to weather the storm of a migraine attack, we need a comfortable and supportive pillow. However, as we are all unicorns, there doesn’t appear to be one best pillow for migraine. We have compiled some recommendations from our private Facebook group and through personal research on the topic. The list below contains the current recommendations from our community.

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    5 Effective Steps For Natural Migraine Prevention: S.E.E.D.S.

    Even though migraine affects 1 out of 7 Americans annually and is a leading cause of outpatient and emergency department visits, many people still think of migraine as “just a headache.” [1] When people call migraine “a headache,” they minimize migraine and its symptoms. First, migraine is a genetic neurologic disease. Second, migraine has an array of disabling symptoms, with headache as just one of the symptoms. Finally, because migraine is a disease that we live with every day, it needs to be managed daily. This article will focus on natural migraine prevention method, such as S.E.E.D.S., to successfully manage migraine disease............

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    Minimizing Migraine Attacks: What I wish I knew…

    There is so much I wish I knew about minimizing migraine when my frequency of attacks was ramping up a few years ago.  I would have avoided chonifying and been so much healthier had this blog site been available to me just a few years ago. I know you don’t feel lucky to ONLY have episodic migraine, but count your lucky stars that you haven’t “chronified.”  Social media, has changed the way people educate and help themselves today. You have so many more resources to help you get better. I assume you have episodic migraine that is worsening and you are here trying to figure out what to do to…

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    Smart Strategies to Help Ease Sleeping Challenges with Vestibular Migraine

    A Vestibular Migraine diagnosis can add challenges to getting quality sleep.  As a result, sensitivity to movement, tinnitus and vertigo all hinder quality sleep. Read on to learn some usable tips for dealing with these troublesome symptoms while encouraging your best rest. ** While Migraine Strong writes about the latest in migraine treatments, this is not medical advice. We are patient educators and all information you read should be discussed with your doctor. What to do about tinnitus Many VMers in our closed Facebook group Migraine Strong reported having difficulty falling asleep due to tinnitus (ear ringing) that is particularly bothersome when it’s quiet. While it goes against other sleep advice,…

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    Sleep: The Often Overlooked & Underrated Migraine Treatment

    The relationship between sleep and migraine is a complicated one. Too little sleep and also too much sleep can provoke symptoms. There are times when a migraine attack can happen while we’re sleeping causing us to wake up symptomatic. Yet other times, sleep can help us kick out an attack.  This means sleep can be both a trigger AND a treatment. According to The American Migraine Foundation people living with migraine are up to eight times more likely to have sleep problems than the general population making poor sleep a real risk factor. If we want to feel good and stay free of painful attacks, restful sleep is critically important.…