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    Everything You Need To Know About Gua Sha Massage for Migraine

    Have you heard about Gua sha for migraine? Gua sha also called scraping therapy is a therapeutic, tool assisted type of massage. This healing technique has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for migraines for centuries. It’s most commonly used for conditions of chronic pain making it a good fit for many of us with migraine disease. During treatment a smooth edged tool is used to scrape your skin. While the first thought of it may seem hokey, it’s actually a relaxing massage therapy technique that offers many benefits for those with migraine.

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    Self-Care Sunday: 5 Ideas For People With Migraine

    Self-Care Sunday is not just for Sundays. You can do it on a Thursday or any other day of the week. The most important thing is that you intentionally set the time for yourself to take care of your health. Research shows many people do not understand the true meaning of self-care. According to studies, 44% of people believe that self-care is only possible for people with enough time and 35% of people believe self-care is only possible for people with enough money. According to Healthline, self-care does not need to be expensive or time consuming. [1] Many people also believe that making time for self-care is selfish. [1] Those…