• the treatment pie is a holistic migraine treatment approach
    Migraine Treatment

    Is A Holistic Migraine Treatment Right For You?

    Have you ever tried a holistic migraine treatment approach? The Migraine Strong team developed the Treatment Pie to illustrate the need to attack migraine using a multimodal approach. These nine "slices" represent the medical interventions and holistic migraine treatments that are known to best effect migraine outcomes. When applied together, they have a greater chance of reducing the frequency and severity of migraine attacks than any one slice alone. Each slice is described below.

  • brown bags with red cross on them used for at home migraine treatment plan
    Migraine Treatment

    How To Assemble An At Home Migraine Treatment Plan

    Ever have a migraine attack bearing down and you blank on what to reach for to treat the attack? The misery and neurological changes that come with migraine attacks have the ability to wipe out thoughts of basic reliefs we know can help. This happens to me all the time and I end up relying on my Migraine Strong partners, Danielle Aberman and Jennifer Bragdon, to help remind me of things I can try. Having an at home migraine treatment plan in place helps me when my people aren't available to make suggestions. So what can we do to make sure we have our ducks in a row BEFORE we have…

  • coral that looks like a brain for coQ10 migraine pic
    Natural Remedies

    The CoQ10 Migraine Connection – All You Need to Know

    We have written a great deal about the benefits of magnesium, ginger, melatonin, turmeric and other proven natural migraine remedies. This article will explore the CoQ10 migraine link to help you understand its potential to help you find consistent relief. A study from 2021 looked at 6 small studies evaluating coQ10 for migraine. The studies differed in several ways including the coQ10 migraine dose provided, but the reviewers noted some positive conclusions from the data.

  • Possible MSG Headache food - ramen
    Managing Migraine Triggers

    MSG Headache- The Controversy, the Facts and the Real Story

    Can MSG cause migraines and headaches? Yes and no. It's controversial but I think once you understand more about this food additive you can answer this question for yourself. Some of you might be on the fence about it as whether or not you have MSG as a migraine trigger while others emphatically notice a strong MSG headache connection. My goal is to help you understand what MSG is and explain the contradictory messages on the internet as well as your own doctor's office.

  • french bull dog sleeping under a blanket with migraine sleep disorders
    Migraine Treatment

    How to Sleep with Migraine Sleep Disorders

    Learning how to sleep with migraine can be difficult. Everyone who has migraine understands that symptoms are so much more than the head pain depicted in those annoying commercials where someone gets a little headache, takes an over the counter pill and moves on with their day. Migraine doesn’t work quite like that. It is a complicated neurological condition and brings complicated symptoms with it, even between attacks. While migraine begins in the brain its complexities involve many different systems in the body.  We can feel symptoms from our head to our toes. Migraine can affect our ears, eyes, digestion, blood pressure and heart rate and even parts of the…

  • 2 people speaking as if they were doing ACT Therapy for Migraine
    Natural Remedies

    ACT Therapy For Migraine Relief Now

    Chronic illness of any kind is a challenging human experience that no one wants. As human beings this may be part of our lived experience. Chronic, defined as lasting for a long-time, with repeated occurrences and ongoing need for treatment, can be a defeating, scary word. There are various levels of chronic illness. You will find as you read this article how I have grown to view chronic migraine. Before we discuss ACT Therapy for migraine, let's understand more about frequent and chronic migraine.