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    Muscle Relaxers for Migraine and Headache – Helpful Information for Relief

    Muscle relaxants can reduce migraine attacks and improve quality of life for those who haven't had luck with the first, second and third lines of preventive treatments. Additionally, some people cannot take the afore mentioned medications for medical, personal or insurance reasons. Your doctor may choose to put this category of medication at the front of the line for your care plan. If you are reading this, you are likely doing a little homework to help you decide if taking muscle relaxers for migraine is for you.

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    Timolol For Migraine – The Right Abortive for you?

    Timolol eye drops for migraine is a big topic of conversation in our private Facebook group. Why would glaucoma eye drops be so interesting to people with migraine? A couple of small studies have shown Timolol maleate ophthalmic drops (0.5% solution) to be effective for treating acute migraine attacks. This article will explore how timolol eye drops for migraine and vestibular migraine can be an effective and less expensive option for treating attacks. The goal is to give you information to evaluate if Timolol maleate eye drops 0.5% ophthalmic solution is an appropriate treatment to discuss with your doctor. 

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    Topamax For Migraine – Reviews and Facts You Should Know

    Topamax (topiramate) for migraine treatment in adults was first approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in 2004. If you have spent any time in migraine support groups on social media, then you have likely heard some stories about topiramate. If we were going only by these posts, we would have to conclude that the medication was simply not tolerated...by almost anyone. However, I wonder if we tend to not hear from the people that topiramate helped because they are out living their lives. We decided to talk to our Private Migraine Strong Facebook group about their experiences with this much maligned medication to see what was up. It…

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    How to Use Vestibular Suppressants to Best Treat Vestibular Migraine

    Living with a balance disorder like vestibular migraine interferes with our quality of life. Working, driving, our ability to participate in activities with friends and family and function in a way that allows us to simply enjoy life are all inhibited by uncomfortable and at times disabling symptoms. Because of this it’s important to seek treatment from a qualified vestibular specialist who can decipher between similar symptoms caused by very different balance disorders and begin proper treatment. Treatment depends on the underlying cause. But, the three cornerstone treatments specialists typically recommend to alleviate distressing vestibular symptoms are vestibular rehabilitation therapy, lifestyle changes and medication that may include vestibular suppressants.

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    Practical Things You Must Know About Migraine and Medications

    For as long as I can remember, I have considered myself a headachy person. At some point the headaches progressed to migraine. Fortunately, for most of my life I had infrequent episodic migraine (EM). An attack would start, I’d treat it with ibuprofen and I was better in an hour. I sought treatment when I began losing a few days per month to terrible attacks that didn’t respond to over-the-counter (OTC) remedies. Over time, my frequency of attacks increased and I “chronified” while under the care of my well-intentioned primary care physicians. 

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    How To Take Control Of Nausea During A Migraine Attack

    One of the salient features of migraine - what distinguishes migraine from other headache disorders - is the presence of nausea. You don’t have to experience nausea in order for your headache to be considered migraine, but most people do experience it as part of their migraine attacks. The nausea does not actually come from the gut, but it is due to activation of certain areas of the brain by inflammatory neurotransmitters. Many anti-nausea medications can treat migraine as well, and could be a helpful addition to your acute migraine treatment plan.

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    CGRP Migraine Treatments: Have You Tried Them Yet?

    It has been so exciting to witness the release of the new CGRP migraine treatments to treat and prevent migraine pain in the recent years. These are the first migraine specific acute medications to come out in decades since the Triptans. They are also the first preventive medications to ever develop specifically for migraine! If you have chronic migraine, CGRP migraine treatment may help prevent migraine attacks and/or make them less severe.

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    Prednisone for Migraine Explained – 5 Questions & Answers You Need to Know.

    A steroid taper is commonly prescribed by headache specialists in certain circumstances to break a prolonged migraine cycle.  Are you wondering if a course of prednisone for migraine is something you should ask your doctor about? This is written from the patient and patient-advocate perspective and is not medical advice.  The goal is to help inform you so that you may work with your doctors.  Specific questions about medications and whether they are right for you can only be addressed by your doctors. 1.  What is Prednisone? Prednisone is a medication in a group of drugs called corticosteroids or steroids, for short.  Prescribed steroids are man-made medications that are similar…