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    Migraine Treatment

    The Latest on Butterbur for Migraine- 5 Questions and Answers

    I was once advised to take butterbur for migraine prevention followed shortly by a warning to not take the medicinal herb. I wondered what had changed and if the caution was warranted as the suggestion and then retraction came from my well-known and respected headache specialist at Jefferson Headache Center in Philadelphia. I had been impressed with their expertise and wondered about the reversal. Since that time, more information has become available. Is butterbur safe and effective for migraine? Let’s take a look.

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    Managing Migraine Triggers

    Does Chocolate Help or Hurt Migraine Headaches?

    If you ask a group of people with migraine, ‘does chocolate help headaches’, a majority of them will tell you that chocolate and migraine don’t mix. It has been accepted for many years that chocolate can and does trigger migraine attacks (usually in only 25% of people with migraine). (1) But other studies show that it is roughly the same as administering placebo. (2) But, as with all things related to diet and migraine, it tends to be complicated. This article will unpack if chocolate can trigger migraine headaches, why it might be the villain many see it as today and what the real scoop is about chocolate and migraine.

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    Muscle Relaxers for Migraine and Headache – Helpful Information for Relief

    Muscle relaxants can reduce migraine attacks and improve quality of life for those who haven't had luck with the first, second and third lines of preventive treatments. Additionally, some people cannot take the afore mentioned medications for medical, personal or insurance reasons. Your doctor may choose to put this category of medication at the front of the line for your care plan. If you are reading this, you are likely doing a little homework to help you decide if taking muscle relaxers for migraine is for you.

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    Timolol For Migraine – The Right Abortive for you?

    Timolol eye drops for migraine is a big topic of conversation in our private Facebook group. Why would glaucoma eye drops be so interesting to people with migraine? A couple of small studies have shown Timolol maleate ophthalmic drops (0.5% solution) to be effective for treating acute migraine attacks. This article will explore how timolol eye drops for migraine and vestibular migraine can be an effective and less expensive option for treating attacks. The goal is to give you information to evaluate if Timolol maleate eye drops 0.5% ophthalmic solution is an appropriate treatment to discuss with your doctor. 

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    Migraine Treatment

    A Close Look at Rosemary for Migraine Headaches

    We pride ourselves on bringing you scientifically supported information that is actionable. From time to time there is a topic that is scientifically unsatisfying to present, but we think it's worthy of a short blog. The information may help some people decide if it's worth spending time and energy on a possible natural migraine remedy. Today is one of those days as we review the evidence for using rosemary for migraine and headache relief.

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    Migraine Treatment

    How Drinking More Water Can Help Migraine and Headaches

    In social media, it’s not uncommon to see rants like “if one more person tells me to drink more!” Or the sarcastic, “Gee, why didn’t I think of that.  A glass of water to cure me of this disease I’ve had for 30 years.” When well-intentioned friends or family members suggest drinking more water as a remedy to our aching heads and neurological weirdness, I think most of us just bite our tongues while a few others may fire off a flippant response. But, does drinking water help migraines? Let's take a good look.

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    Managing Migraine Triggers

    Best and Worst Types of Alcohol for People With Migraine

    Migraine attacks can be debilitating, and most people who experience them will do anything to find relief. Avoiding personally known triggers can be a useful way to reduce the number of potential attacks. Alcohol is a common trigger for migraine attacks, but some types may be less likely to cause problems than others. Let's explore the best and worst types of alcohol for people with migraine.

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    Migraine Treatment

    Migraine Supplements- The Big 5 You Should Know About

    There is good evidence that some migraine supplements help prevent attacks and others help treat active episodes. We wish there were bigger studies on these supplements so that more doctors in primary care and general neurology would learn some of the things that certified headache specialists know – they work! So, since social media continues to transform how people with migraine educate themselves, we hope this summary of the five most effective migraine supplements can help you soothe your own cranky neurons.

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    Migraine Treatment

    Migraine Meditation- Learn From a Professional

    Break the rules when trying meditation for migraine. As a long-time teacher of meditation and a meditator myself, I entered into this type of setting when first learning to meditate, and in fact, I hated it! The experience had lots of rules and left me with a sense of failure because of how the session was taught.  As years went on, I had opportunities to learn from other teachers and practice meditation. This guided me to the greater benefits and love of the practice.

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    Migraine Treatment

    Your Practical Guide to Migraine Preventive Medications

    While over 1 billion people world wide have migraine, only a small percentage of them use migraine preventive medications to control their migraine attacks. A migraine preventive medication is considered and offered when people with migraine meet certain criteria: Four or more attacks per month or eight head pain days - Can include severe throbbing pain or a pulsing sensation, usually (but not always) on one side of the head. It is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound. Migraine attacks typically last for 4-72 hours, and the pain can be so severe that it interferes with daily activities. Vestibular migraine attacks might not have head pain,…