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    My Hemiplegic Migraine Strong Story – Jennifer Senne

    Growing up with a headache is not something I'd like to remember about my childhood, but unfortunately, I started experiencing headaches when I was only nine years old. I never knew that I was already suffering from migraine attacks then, but looking back and knowing what I know now about migraine, I can safely say that I was. As I became a teenager, my headaches came frequently and fainting would also accompany the pain. By the time I was in my childbearing years, the headache pain was unpredictable. When other symptoms developed, I was diagnosed with Migraine. At first, it was all blamed on my fluctuating hormones, but after going…

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    An Open Letter to Family and Friends of People With Migraine

    There are some realities of migraine that none of us can escape. It affects more than a billion people worldwide, between 40-50 million in the United States alone and around 4 million of those have chronic migraine (15 or more headache days a month with 8 days being migraine). These are common symptoms of migraine: Pain (mild to severe) Dizziness/Vertigo Nausea/Vomiting Extreme sensitivity to light/scents/sound/motion Tinnitus/Ringing in the ears Aphasia (Difficulty speaking) Vision loss Visual phenomena (shapes, spots, colors, flashes of light, zig zag lines, halos etc) Weakness or numbness in face and extremities  Olfactory hallucinations (smelling odors that aren’t there) Intense fatigue/Weakness Neck pain and stiffness Irritability/Excitability Food cravings …

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    A Life Without Balance

    Imagine a life without balance…. It isn’t easy even if you try. Perhaps some may get a hint of it after a wild ride after an amusement park, but it’s impossible to try to understand what that’s like for someone to live through everyday.  While Migraine Strong writes about the latest in migraine treatments, this is not medical advice. We are patient educators and all information you read should be discussed with your doctor. Daily Symptoms You know that scene from The Sandlot where all the kids decide to dip before going on the spinning ride and then everyone starts to hurl? That’s one example that comes to mind when…

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    Top Takeaways from the World Brain Day 2019

    On July 22, 2019, the World Federation of Neurology and International Headache Society joined forces to celebrate the most unprecedented World Brain Day. Each year, the World Brain Day focuses on a different theme. This was the first time, it was dedicated to migraine in an effort to raising migraine awareness. The panelists during the webinar did an impeccable job sharing the painful truth about migraine with the world. The key messages during the webinar covered the topics of research, disability, prevalence and education. It was heartbreaking to hear that migraine is the most common brain disease in the world, affecting 1 in 7 people worldwide. It is a major, disabling…

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    World Brain Day 2019

    I was first diagnosed with chronic migraine during my two pregnancies. For years I was having daily migraine attacks and the little break from pain I did have I spent in postdrome or prodrome. (Read my full story here.) Despite my supportive family, I felt lonely and truly thought I was the only one struggling with this debilitating illness. Discovering the Migraine Strong community on Facebook opened a whole new world up to me. I learned about the migraine disease and how to take control of it. I met other beautiful and strong people who are going through life dealing with the burdens of migraine. All of a sudden, the…

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    How To Be A Migraine Advocate

    June is Migraine and Headache Awareness Month. Every year, in June, migraine advocates, health care providers, and various organizations combine their efforts to raise migraine awareness. Migraine Strong stands with all of them by raising migraine awareness to eliminate the stigma. As you may know, Migraine Strong is led by 4 strong women who also have migraine. Each one of us used our experiences of pain and transformed them into passion to advocate and help people take control of migraine. Migraine is a debilitating neurological disease that affects 39 million men, women and children in the United States and 1 billion worldwide. Migraine is prevalent, destructive, misunderstood, and often dismissed…