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    Top 10 Gift Ideas For People With Migraine

    As the holidays are approaching, it’s time to start thinking about holiday shopping. I know what you are thinking. It's not even Thanksgiving and we are talking about holiday shopping?! Ugh. All of the 'experts' in retail sales are recommending shopping early this year due to the supply chain issues many of us are facing. Many people, especially those of us with migraine or other chronic illnesses find holiday shopping overwhelming and stressful. And that's without having issues with finding gifts or getting them delivered on time. We have assembled some options for the person with migraine on your gift list (or perhaps yourself)!

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    Gift Ideas For Kids of Parents With Migraine

    With the holidays approaching you are undoubtedly looking for some gift ideas for kids in your life. Since I have been diagnosed with chronic migraine, I’ve given up fighting the long lines, crowds, and fluorescent lights of the malls to get my family gifts. My shopping experience now involves sitting on my couch and happily placing orders through Amazon Prime in my yoga pants. I don’t know why anyone would do it any other way! Here is a list of my top 15 gift ideas for kids of parents with migraine. These are quiet and calm toys and activities that the kids can play with on their own or with…

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    Gift Ideas For Moms With Migraine

    Just like other moms with migraine, I’d love nothing more than a neatly wrapped box full of sleep with a bow on top for my upcoming birthday and holidays. However, since it is unlikely that uninterrupted good night sleep is in my future, I will settle for something less abstract. My only requirement is that my presents or those for my kids do not trigger migraine attacks! And if the presents can help to manage my migraine condition, then it’s a bonus. If your loved ones happen to be moms with migraine, here is a list of gift ideas that will make their life with chronic illness a little easier…