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    Sinus Headache vs. Migraine? Know the Difference and Find Relief

    What is the difference between sinus headache, sinus migraine and migraine headache? As it turns out, not much. Your sinus headache is very likely migraine. The location of the pain, as well as some common symptoms between sinus headache vs. migraine, seems to be the main reason for misdiagnosis by patients as well as primary care doctors. 

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    Managing Migraine During Coronavirus, Cold & Flu Season

    Cold and flu season comes around every year generally running from about Thanksgiving to Easter. As it reaches it’s peak here in the US along with the new, Coronavirus, it’s important to focus on prevention and safe treatment. When you have migraine disease, adding an additional illness on top of it can definitely complicate things. Developing tools for migraine and flu relief is the key. Cold and flu symptoms entwined with migraine make body aches, brain fog and fatigue unbearable. So knowing how to work through both illnesses at the same time is necessary.  The last thing you want to do is unknowingly trigger a migraine attack while trying to…