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    My Migraine Story,  Vestibular Migraine

    My Migraine Story: Vestibular Migraine Diagnosis and Treatment

    by: Heilean Rosenstock-Armie In the Summer of 2017 my world was flipped upside-down. I say flipped as that is exactly how spontaneous and violent it felt.  I was sitting at my desk in work when all of a sudden I leaned forward and grabbed the edge of my desk to steady myself. I placed my head on the desk still grasping it tightly. I couldn’t look up or down. I felt as though I was at sea with no compass in a violent storm. I wasn’t sure if the room was spinning or I was spinning internally. Everything was out of sync. If anyone had said the word migraine at…

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    Migraine,  Relationships

    The Migraine Healthline App: Building Community

    This article is sponsored by our partner, Healthline. Migraine Healthline, is the newest app that connects people with migraine. Download your free Migraine Healthline app here!  Migraine Strong has been partnering with Healthline over the past month to launch their new Migraine Healthline App. It is exciting to watch this new online migraine support group community come alive and take shape. We have been able to see relationships grow among the community members and see these very important connections taking place.  Things we love about the Migraine Healthline App! Live Chats: Sunday – Thursday there are nightly live chats that currently take place at 8:00pm EST/5:00pm PST. These Live Chats…

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    Migraine,  Relationships

    Migraine Healthline: A New App For Migraine

    This article is sponsored by our partner, Healthline. Migraine Healthline, is the newest app that connects people with migraine. Download your free Migraine Healthline app here!  Before we found each other and created Migraine Strong, all five of us came to a point in our migraine journeys where we wanted to find others who understood what we were going through. While our families and friends are wonderfully supportive, it is different when you find others that experience what you do every day. There is a feeling of instant camaraderie when someone says ‘I know exactly what you mean.’ Through the years, we have become each other’s migraine buddies, partners, and…

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    The Benefits Of Practicing Gratitude

    The benefits of practicing gratitude are almost too many to count. During this season of thanksgiving, we tend to talk about the things we are grateful about for a day or two. But it’s rare that we break down how practicing gratitude can have long lasting effects on our emotional, physical and social well being. We thought it would be interesting to look at the effects of gratitude on each of these levels and then how we are practicing gratitude in our own lives.  ** While Migraine Strong writes about the latest in migraine treatments, this is not medical advice. We are patient educators and all information you read should…

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    Wine Without Migraine: Try PureWine

    With the weekend coming up, wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a glass of wine without migraine? Imagine enjoying a glass of red or white wine while enjoying a mom’s night out without suffering from wine sensitivities? How about drinking a cold beer with a few co-workers at a happy hour without any side effects? Sounds too good to be true? Thanks to PureWine, it doesn’t have to be! Migraine Strong is a PureWine affiliate. We were given a free Wands to try. Our opinions are honest and our own. Alcohol Alcohol is a well recognized migraine trigger. According to American Migraine Foundation, alcohol can trigger a migraine…

  • Migraine Glasses - A Review of Indoor and Outdoor TheraSpecs
    Migraine,  The Treatment Pie,  Vestibular Migraine

    Migraine Glasses – A Review of Indoor and Outdoor TheraSpecs

    Alicia’s migraine glasses review When I first experienced the horrible symptoms of chronic vestibular migraine I worked at a giant corporate office with an open floor plan – my worst nightmare. As my light sensitivity and ataxia got worse, I was grasping at any treatment I could to still be able to function at work. It’s a terrifying thing to be faced with expiring FMLA and still have ongoing symptoms. I found myself wearing sunglasses almost everywhere, just to get some relief. That’s when my neurologist recommended I try FL-41 glasses. Who knew that migraine glasses could help so much. Both lenses were provided to us for free by TheraSpecs in…

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    Migraine Strong Is Now A Proud Partner Of The American Migraine Foundation!

    We’ve joined the American Migraine Foundation to fight migraine, a debilitating neurological disease, together. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing meaningful information, resources and support for those living with migraine, Migraine Strong, is thrilled to announce our new partnership with the American Migraine Foundation. The American Migraine Foundation is the official resource for millions of Americans living with migraine seeking reliable information about diagnosis, treatment and advancements in research. Launched in 2010 as a patient support and advocacy effort of the American Headache Society, AMF’s mission is to mobilize a community for people living with migraine and their support networks, and to drive impactful research into the third…